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Shoppers Match up for 11/20/08-11/27/08

I’m super excited! I’ve been looking for blogs and forums that talk about Shoppers. I have a GC from when I cashed in my stimulus check back in July and so far I still haven’t spent it all! Now with this week of doubling and tripling coupons I won’t spend much and I can catch up on stockpiling!

I did some searching and found some great websites that have the coupon matchups for Shoppers.

Mommy Making Money – Shoppers Match Ups

The best part is Gina mentions how to get the Turkey deal! Plus she mentions there is a coupon for a Shady Brook Turkey! You can print a coupon for $1.00 off a Shady Brook turkey here. Thanks Gina!

Save $10.00 instantly on your Shady Brook or frozen Butterball turkey when you purchase $25 of participating Kraft products in a single transaction.

Here is a forum discussing Shoppers deals: – Shoppers Deals

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Shoppers Food Warehouse – Triple and Double Coupons

I just got the “Washington Post Shopping Guide” in my mailbox. You know the one that has the pizza, and window ads that happens to have the grocery ads in it and you usually throw in the trash? You know what I’m talking about.

I happened to look at mine today looking for my turkey deals.

Shoppers Food Warehouse ad is fantastic! It has 7 full days of extra thanksgiving savings! Unlimited Triple up to 50 cent coupons + Unlimited Double up to $1.00 coupons. Ad is for 11/20/08-11/27/08.

In fine print it says: *Limit 4 coupons for identical items to ensure sufficient supply of products for all our customers. If the value of the triple or double coupon exceeds the retail price of the item, you will receive the item FREE. coupons stating “Not Subject to Doubling” or “Do Not Double” will not be eligible for Tripling or Doubling.

In the back of the “Washington Post Shopping Guide” it has a coupon for .50 cents off a Sunday Washington Post…do you see what I’m seeing? You can triple that coupon at Shoppers! It equals $1.50. That means you can get the Sunday Paper for FREE on Sunday! More coupons!

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Washington Post Coupons

In the Washington D.C. Metro area, the Washington Post is the newspaper that has the circular coupons in it. That includes the Smart Source, Red Plum and P&G monthly coupons. If you have it delivered the coupons and ads come in the Sunday supplement on Saturday. Some locations sell the Sunday supplement on Saturday besides including it on Sunday.

The newsstand price for the Sunday paper is $1.50. There are some deals out there to get the Washington Post cheaper. In the summer there was a deal where I was able to get it for .57 a paper! I get the Sunday paper only. Right now, they are offering it for .49 a paper! To get a deal like that you CAN’T be a subscriber for the past 30 days.

Links to Washington Post deals:
Washington Post-New Subscriber Deal
Discounted Newspapers – Washington Post

Last thing to mention make sure after you subscribe to the Washington Post to sign-up for PostPoints! You get 1,000 for signing up!

It sounds like a gimmick, but surprisingly it’s pretty easy to earn PostPoints that you can trade in for stuff. As a coupon person, I would trade them in for gift cards. I believe the cheapest one is Shoppers Food Warehouse -1,600 points equals a $10 GC. Since I signed up a couple months ago I’m already up to 1,100! Not to bad. Plus, you can link your CVS card, and Giant card to the PostPoints cards to earn points when you shop there. Not only do I save by shopping at CVS I also get PostPoints too. Plus, you can get coupons when you sign up.

Look out for the Washington Post ads in your mailbox too! The ones that have the pizza and window ads. NOTE: They are called “The Washington Post Shopping Guide.” I got another one today. I usually throw those away, but last week I noticed that they have a .50 cent coupon off a Sunday paper. Not sure but Giant might even double it. Either way a great deal to get the Sunday paper for $1.00 – extra coupons! Woohoo!

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Understanding CVS


CVS has some great deals. Before this year, I never thought I would be shopping at CVS so much. I always thought CVS was very expensive. In fact, for a lot of items it is, but if you think about their business model it makes perfect sense. CVS stands for Consumer Value Store, and is a neighborhood drugstore and convenience store. For a normal consumer walking in to get their prescription filled they walk into the store through the aisles and pick up a couple items that they need before approaching the pharmacy. Then to bring in more consumers they put items on sale. While some products cost more, others are cheaper. Then CVS went a little further, they provide ExtraCare Bucks (ECB) which are wonderful! ECBs are coupons at the end of the receipt that expire exactly a month from the date you receive them. You can use them like cash and purchase almost anything with them in the store. This system allows the consumer to get things on “sale” or “free” and CVS has a “ticket” hoping that consumer will come back. A very good marketing strategy. In addition, CVS offers CVS coupons to use in the store, plus they accept internet and manufacture coupons.

Now, I’m new to the art of coupons and I recommend CVS to get started. I live where there are a lot of CVS stores but not any¬† Walgreens and only a couple Rite Aid stores.

Other stores like Walmart have a different approach. Instead of having “weekly” sale ads they try to keep their prices low, and if possible lower prices when they can on popular items. This model works very well because everyone seems to think that they can always get it cheaper at Walmart.

If you shop with coupons and follow the sales at CVS, Walgreens and/or RiteAid you can get most of the things you use for less or free compared to Walmart. If you “need” something Walmart can be the best deal.

The number one lesson to learn about coupons is to understand the concept of stockpiling. The truth is you want to buy the items you use for less or free and when it’s at the rock bottom price buy as many as you can. When the items goes back up in price you have a stockpile on hand. Simple as that.

I started to shop at CVS in August 2008 and I estimate I’ve saved over $500. What am I buying? I’m buying all sorts of items including: diapers, wipes, headache medicine, shampoo, deodorant, cold medicine and make-up to name a few. If something is “free” I will probably buy it even if I don’t “need” it and in turn I can give it to someone that can use it or donate it. A lot of people donate their extra “free” or cheap items. You will be surprised how much you can get for very little.

I’ve mentioned some of these blogs.
To get started at CVS check out the following links:

The Thrifty Mama – CVS 101
I heart CVS
Hot Coupon World – CVS Forums

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CVS Purchases today 11/16/08

I love CVS!

I received in my email a $5/$30 coupon. These are great coupons to get from CVS because it takes off dollars directly off your purchase. You want to get your subtotal at the amount required and not much over that. These coupons come in different amounts some examples include: $2/$10, $3/$15, $4/$20, and $5/$30.

To get coupons like these via email you need to call CVS ExtraCare Bucks department. The number is on the back of the ExtraCare card. Ask the representative to add you to their email list because you would like to get coupons. Usually, within the day you will get a $4/$20 coupon that you can use that week. The coupons they email are sent for only the intended receiver to use.

The best part is you can use the coupon more than once until it expires. Just print it out a couple of times. (Note: You can also get these coupons at CVS at the bottom of the receipt called CRT – Cash Register Tape or at the “Check Price” Red machine. Love that machine! It can be random at what coupons you get.)

I did 2 transactions today.

A transaction is performing a group/single purchase of item(s).
A purchase is an item for sale.

First transaction
1 Duracell 8pk C cell batteries Sale 9.99
1 Oceanspray Cranberry Sauce Sale BOGO (Buy One Get One) 1.69
1 Oceanspray Cranberry Sauce FREE
2 Kleenex Tissues 110 Count BOGO 1.49
2 Kleenex Tissues 110 Count FREE
2 Duracell 4pk AA Sale 5.29
3 Johnson and Johnson Easy Grip Buddies Bar 1.19
2 Schick 2 CT Razor .99

Total 30.79

Coupons I used:
-Duracell 1.50
-Duracell 1.50
-Duracell 1.50
-Kleenex Buy 4 boxes 1.00
-Johnson and Johnson Buy 3 products 3.00
-Any Schick Razor 1.00

-10 ECB
-5 ECB

Subtotal 1.29
Tax 1.03+.04
Out of Pocket (OOP) 2.36
Used gift card (GC) that I got yesterday from transferring a prescription to CVS. I got a $30 gift card.
I used a RiteAid coupon.
True OOP 0.00

Received ECBS:
15.00 from Durcell spend $20 get $15 ECB

I can use the 15.00 ECB to use for anything in the store!

2nd Transaction

4 Glade 4 oz Candles Sale 2/$5
1 Dry Idea Sale 2.99
1 Soft&Dri Sale2.99
1 Loreal Pro-Calcium Sale 15.99

Total $31.97

Coupons Used:
-1.50 buy 2 Glade Candles
-1.50 buy 2 Glade Candles
-.50 Dry Idea or Soft&Dri
-.50 Dry Idea or Soft&Dri
-1.00 Loreal moisturizer

ECB Used:
-15 (from previous transaction)
-3.49 (from an earlier tranaction)

Subtotal $3.48
Tax .50
OOP $3.98
Used GC
OOP $0.00

ECB received
5.00 Glade spend $10 get $5 ECB
15.99 Loreal Age Perfect
4.00 Dry Idea/Softe&Dri
Total ECBs to spend later: $24.99

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Trying to keep up with it all!

I thought since I have a minute I would write a post that would let me feel better about everything that I have to do and would like to do. I’m a full-time working Mom. My baby is now 5 months old and is growing up fast. I’m very lucky because I’m on a 9/80 schedule which allows me to take off every other Friday. I can spend that day with my daughter and get some things done too.

Today, she and I spent the morning playing on the floor. She is learning how to roll over. She doesn’t like to be on her tummy. Then I worked on putting away some loads of laundry. She played on the floor while looking at the mirror watching herself make faces. She loves seeing herself in the mirror. She was a little frustrated when I would leave the room because she was use to seeing me. She recognizes Mom and Dad.

Later this morning we had painters stop by to paint our front door. It’s going take a little bit of time because it is raining today. She played in her excer-saucer and had a great time for about 15 minutes before getting tired and hungry. I fed her and shortly was able to put her down for a nap around noon while I’ve been working on getting a couple things done around the house.

A couple of things I hope to get done this weekend.
1. Put away some more laundry.
2. Clean bottles
3. Go to Target either today or tomorrow
4. Go to CVS
5. Finish picture book before Sunday

Other things I would like to do:
1. I would like to write a post about Thanksgiving and buying a cheap Turkey. Last year I was able to get a Turkey for 29 cents a pound and hope to do that again.
2. I would like to write a post about painting the house. Show some before and after pictures.
The house looks great!
3. Definitely need to write a post about ordering new blinds for the windows. Got a great deal!
4. Start planning out black friday. I get that day off!

Thanks to thethriftymama who directed her readers to Making Your Home A Haven – from thehomespunheart. She has been working on how to create your home a haven. I of course jumped in the middle of this and have been reading the blog posts which are very inspiring! This got me motivated to do some more around the house.

Time to play with baby!

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CVS – Black Friday Deals

Here is a list of blogs that talk about the great deals coming out Thanksgiving Day at CVS. Look at the ad and see the sale starts on Thanksgiving day! (Doubt I will go that day because I will be so tired from working in the kitchen.) I sure will be there the following day.

When I have sometime I will post what I plan on getting. I’m so excited!

Black Friday CVS ad posted here
Thanks Hot Coupon World!

Lizzy’s Language – She lists the item and matches it up to a coupon from the paper.

The Thrifty Mama – She lists the number of items that you can buy per card.

I heart CVS
also posted images of the CVS ad and included the pictures of the items that are free!

I heart CVS Black Friday deals
I heart CVS Black Friday deals – I found another website that lists the items at CVS Black Friday sale. It shows the final cost minus ECBs so the “free” items are “free” after the ECB.

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CVS Deals 11/16-11/22

I’m experimenting on how to post CVS deals and there are so many blogs that list them already. I want to try and organize them for easy navigation and also give the opportunity for you to see these great blogs!

I heart CVS – Here are the ECB Deals for 11/16 -11/22 click here
Here is the link to the CVS 11/16 ad here

Hot Coupon World – Here is the forum talking about the deals for 11/16 -11/22
Click here .

Taylortown Preview – Click here to find the coupons that are to come out in the paper this coming week.

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All You magazine – Great Deal!

All You magazine is produced by the makers of People magazine and is a great magazine with deals, coupons and how to articles.

About All you: ALL YOU is a new magazine that speaks directly to value-conscious American women like you. In each issue, you’ll get helpful articles on taking care of yourself, healthy and fast ways to feed your family, clothes you can wear and afford, do-it-yourself home repair projects, relationship advice from real women, and easy-to-make decorating ideas. And you’ll get all this in a beautiful, affordable magazine that truly speaks your language.

Here is a great deal on getting All you for a great price! Thanks to Marli – Womanly Excellence

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JCPenny Catalog Outlet – Save Extra 25% Off Coupon

JCPenny Outlet Stores are having a sale this Friday, November 14 only! Cards were mailed out this week. Save an Extra 25% off the Entire Store! You must bring this card to save 25% off our low outlet prices!

The card says: “One card per customer. Card valid for one-time use at JCPenny Catalog Outlet Store only. Excludes prior purchases. Gift Cards/e-Gift Cards and orders. Card cannot be combined with any other offer. Card must be surrendered at time of purchase. Merchandise available until stock is depleted. Valid Friday, November 14, 2008. No Cash value.”

This is a great deal! In the past the cards are available at the store, but there is no guarantee.

I went to the last sale on Halloween and the cards weren’t available at the store. You can sign up to be on their mailing list by going to customer service.