Babies R Us Brand Powder Formula Stockup Deal – Formula as low as $.05 fl oz!


Here is a great deal on Baby formula, similar to the diaper deal I just posted HERE.

Through 2/20/12, Buy ANY 2 Babies R Us powder formula and get a $5 gift card.  Gift card expires 3/31/12. Card is valid beginning 6 hours after activation.

For every 9 Babies R Us brand formula you purchase you get 1 for FREE! See below for more info.

Here are a couple scenarios:

Buy 2 Babies R Us    Premium    $13.99 each 23.4oz
OOP $27.98
Get the $5 gift card back wyb 2
Makes it $.07 a fl oz!

If you have a $5 coupon wyb 2 from the specialty marked boxes of diapers from Black Friday, you can do this deal.  I just did this deal this weekend so I know it works.

Buy 2 Babies R Us    Premium    $13.99 each 23.4oz
-$5 coupon wyb 2 from Black Friday special diapers box
OOP $22.98
Get the $5 gift card back wyb 2
Makes it $.05 a fl oz!

Now at some stores (I didn’t find this at my store) there are specialty marked formula containers with extra 10% more free or 15% more free so look out for them.  There is also a Milk Based formula that is less than $13.99 so look out for that! That could make the deal less than $.02 a fluid ounce if you combine that with the coupon.

Make sure you use your Babies R Us Reward‘s card because starting 2/1/12 you get credit for these purchases to get rewards!  This makes the deal even sweeter.  At anytime of the year, for every 9 Babies R Us brand formula you purchase you get 1 for FREE!

From what I can tell you can roll this gift card back into this deal.  I’ll try that soon.

Here is my spreadsheet that I track on the best price of formula and here is a post about finding a good deal on formula.

Babies R Us Stockup Diaper Deal – Diapers size 3 as low as $.09 ea and FREE Wipes after $20 Gift Card!

Here is very good Stockup Diaper Deal through 2/20/12.  My price range is $.20 or less a diaper and $.02 or less a wipe.

Buy 2 boxes of ANY Babies R Us diapers (72 ct or higher) and 1 box of wipes (432 ct or higher) get a $20 gift card – gift card must be used by 3/31/12 – The gift card expires 3/31/12. Card is valid beginning 6 hours after activation. 

Regular price of Babies R Us Ultra Value diapers (yellow box)
Box of 192 size 1 is $26.99 = $.14 a diaper
Box of 160 size 2 is $26.99 = $.17 a diaper
Box of 144 size 3 is $26.99 = $.19 a diaper
Box of 126 size 4 is $26.99 = $.21 a diaper
Box of 116 size 5 is $26.99 = $.23 a diaper
Box of 92 size 6 is $26.99 = $.29 a diaper

Wipes $9.99 for 432 wipes $.02 a wipe

Regular price of Babies R Us Supreme diapers (blue box)
Box of 152 size 1 $26.99 = $.18 a diaper
Box of 132 size 2 $26.99 = $.20 a diaper
Box of 116 size 3 $26.99 = $.23 a diaper
Box of 100 size 3 $26.99 = $.27 a diaper
Box of 88 size 5 $26.99 = $.30 a diaper
Box of 72 size 6 $26.99 = $.37 a diaper

Wipes $12.99 for 528 wipes = $.02 a wipe

Here are a couple scenarios:

1. Buy 2 boxes of diapers for $26.99 + 1 box of wipes $9.99 = $53.98 OOP
Get $20 gift card exp 3/31/12

2. Note: Just did this deal this weekend so I know it works. These coupons came in the specialty marked boxes that were sold on Black Friday.
Buy 2 boxes of diapers for $26.99 + 1 box of wipes $9.99 = $53.98
Use the $5 coupon for diapers from the Black Friday diaper deal box
Use the $2 coupon for wipes from the Black Friday diaper deal box
Total OOP: $46.98
Get $20 gift card exp 3/31/12

Make sure you use your Babies R Us Reward‘s card because starting 2/1/12 you get credit for these purchases to get rewards!  This makes the deal even sweeter.

From what I can tell you can roll this gift card back into this deal.  I’ll try that soon.

Note:  From my own personal experience if you do want to exchange or return to do so in 90 days with the receipt.  If you are stockpiling for a new baby don’t go over board thinking you can exchange the size at any time.  I suggest you get 1 of each size and then get a couple extra of size 2, 3 and 4.  Those are the most common sizes you will sure to use.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Problems with Babies R Us Returns and Exchanges

The other day I got out all by myself with the twins and it was so exciting.  I even got FREE Nivea body wash at Walmart.  It was a good day.

Today, I thought I would go to Babies R’ Us to exchange 4 boxes of size 1 large box of diapers with my Mom helping.  Note these are Babies R’s Us brand diapers.  I got crazy about buying size 1 diapers back in January.  I was thinking the twins would need them for a couple months but I was wrong.  They are growing and soon will be in size 2.  I thought at the time it would be easy to exchange.  Life has been crazy and trying to find my receipts was more difficult then I thought.  Besides it is Babies R’ Us, I spend a lot there and the sizes are the same price so I should get an even exchange right?  Wrong!

The customer service rep and manager said since I didn’t have the receipt (proof of purchase NOTE: they are Babies R Us brand – Where else would I have gotten them?) they would only give me the “lowest” price and I would have to pay the difference which came out to $20!  I reluctantly accepted that and headed to the car basically in tears with 4 boxes of size 3 and having paid an additional $20 for them.

After talking to my Mom, I went in and talked to the manager and she couldn’t do anything without a receipt.  I was frustrated in tears.  Taking care of 3 kids does that to you.  So I took back the size 1 and got my $20 back.

Babies R’ Us customer service has been bad for me in the past and I know others that have said the same thing.  No point in my calling a rep or emailing since last time it took over a month to get a generic answer.  That is a waste of my time and energy.  I would have thought Babies R’ Us would be supportive of “mothers” and have great customer service but they don’t.  What has happened to customer service these days?   The only store that I like when it comes to returns is CVS and Nordstrom.

I’ve made my decision I will give these as gifts or donate them and that will be that.  I will use the rest of my gift cards and will no longer be a customer of Babies R’ Us. What a bummer.  I have a headache.

Update on 5/17/11

After writing this post and talking to my husband about it.  I realized that they were asking me to pay more for the diapers.  All I was asking was a different size that was the exact same price.  I wasn’t scamming them.

In addition, on their website it states “No receipt.  No problem!”  See the image and link above.    I had all of my purchases on my Rewards R Us card.   Understand that it is only for 90 days.

I printed out all of my purchases and I even found a couple of my receipts I went to the store again on Sunday and showed it to customer service   The same cashier that I talked to on Friday explained that since it was past 90 days I still couldn’t exchange them but that I could talk to a manager.  The manager said the same thing.  I then made the arguments that I said above.  The diapers are on sale for $20 (buy 2 and get $10 off) and that would be cheaper then paying more for them.     Besides the receipt doesn’t say exchanges or returns have to be done in 90 days.  Other stores would have exchanged them for the different sizes like CVS or Walmart etc.  Then the manager agreed that I could exchange them for no additional cost.  I thanked her and the cashier.

Babies R Us Event Super Baby Shower Events

Last week I registered at Babies R Us and I was informed of some special events that are occurring at my local Babies R Us in Woodbridge, VA but they might also be occurring at other Babies R Us around the area or country.  Check with your store to be sure.

Since it is snowing outside this might be a good event as long as the roads are clear!

Super Baby Shower Event

12-3PM on Saturday, January 8th, 2011

They are hosting a baby shower for all expectant moms as well as their family and friends.  Come learn about the must-have products for every mom’s Baby Registry, valuable tips & ideas for planning a baby shower, plus free giveaways!

From what I was told by the store rep was that there will be tables all around the store with freebies!

Breastfeeding 101

Basics of Breastfeeding Workshop

At 6:30PM on Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Ready set pump!  Get the scoop on breastfeeding and all the great products sure to make it easy to feed baby naturally.  Proud Sponsor:  Medela

Buckle Up & Boogie

Car Seat Safety Workshop

At 6:30PM Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

There’s no wiggle vroom when it comes to safety.  You’ll learn how to choose and use a car seat to keep baby safe. Proud Sponsor:  Graco

Babies R Us and Toys R Us Black Friday Diaper Deal! Hurry ends today!

Can you tell that I’m going to have twins?   Well run don’t walk to your nearest Babies R Us because today ONLY  (as far as I can tell) are selling these speciality marked Babies R Us Brand diaper boxes for $10!   That is between $.10 to $.16 a diaper which is right in my price range.   What a great deal.  The sale is a Black Friday deal 6AM – 1PM but my store said that it is all day and the manager said it is unlimited.  Call your store or just stop in and check it out.  The wipes are also on sale for 432 wipes for $5.

Diaper Deal – Babies R Us – Free $20 Gift Card – 3/20/10 ONLY

Saturday, March 20, 2010  – Free $20 Gift Card when you buy ANY 2 Pampers Value Boxes of Diapers with Dry Max (92-252 ct)

Live Demo from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM FREE Giveaways while supplies last

Must buy 2 for offer on Saturday, March 20th only.  In-store only.  Quantities limited; no rain checks.  See back of gift card for Terms & Conditions.  Limit one per guest.

I just got my RedPlum coupons for 3/14/2010 early, thanks to my local paper – Fairfax Times.

There is an ad for Pampers and a $2 coupon!

Use 2 – $2 coupons RP 3/14

2 at $40.99 = OOP $77.98

– $20 Gift card = $57.98 for (200 – 432 diapers or $.29 – $.13 a diaper)

Size 6 – 100 diapers – $40.99 2 boxes and after Giftcard = $.29 a diaper

Size 5 – 124 diapers – $40.99 2 boxes and after Giftcard = $.23 a diaper

Size 4 – 140 diapers – $40.99 2 boxes and after Giftcard = $.21 a diaper

Size 2/3 – 152 diapers -$40.99 2 boxes and after Giftcard = $.19 a diaper

Size 3 – 160 diapers – $40.99 2 boxes and after Giftcard = $.18 a diaper

Size 2 – 184 diapers – $40.99 2 boxes and after Giftcard = $.16 a diaper

Size 1 – 216 diapers – $40.99 2 boxes and after Giftcard = $.13 a diaper

Babies R Us Rewards Night 10/28/09

bru_hdrLogoSorry for not posting this sooner.  Time sure does fly when you are a busy full time working Mom.  I have so many posts I want to write about and I try to post as much as I can but I forget or just get too busy.

Way back when I posted about the Babies R Us rewards night.  Click HERE to see the post.  I actually had the opportunity to go!  I was hoping to find some really good deals.  It seemed that several people were talking about it online.   But, was it worth it?   I didn’t see much on clearance and I didn’t see any other special deals.

This is what I got.   Tell me what do you think?

3 – All Purpose 7th Generation Cleaner for $3.03 each (see more coupons below)

Originially $5.49 – $1.67 promo coupon (buy 3 get $5 off) – $0.79 promo coupon ($3 off any purchase at Rewards night)

3 – Holiday Halloween T-shirts I found on discount – I always look at clearance aisles $.81 each

Originially $1.20 – $.18 promo coupon (15% off ANY clothing item) – $.21 promo coupon ($3 off any purchase at Rewards night)

I happened to have with me 2 – 7th Generation manu. coupons!  I should have clipped them before I got there but I didn’t think I would have gone for the deal and thanks to my Couponizer, I had 2 coupons in there.   -$2 manu. coupons

Total = $10.36


In regards to the 7th generation cleaner, I wasn’t happy to see that the bottles had been on the shelf for a long time and no wonder they are $5.49 each!  The bottles were very dirty.   I was skeptical to get them.  After I looked at other items in the store I decided since there was no expiration date on them and they promise to be really good quality I thought I would try this deal.   So, far since I bought them I’ve been very happy with them.  It seems to be the best cleaner to clean up greasy surfaces that I have ever tried.  Maybe it is just me but they seem to work.  Plus, no fragrance or dyes!  Got to love that.   Tell me what you think.

How to use Coupons at Babies R Us?


Update: Babies R Us website for $5 off a $25 purchase! expires now on August 31!

Today, I went to Babies R Us to buy some gifts for a Baby Shower I will be attending later this month for a very good friend.  I’m super excited!  I love baby showers and I love gift giving.

My daughter and I went swimming this morning and shortly afterward we went up to Babies R Us while I was there I asked the customer service cashier about their coupon policy and I learned a lot!  I got some great deals.

1.Always check Babies R Us website for $5 off a $25 purchase! (also search for Babies R Us coupons)  You basically don’t need to go into Babies R Us without a coupon! Products that don’t qualify are diapers, formula, Mother Maternity, Apple ipods, video game hardware, etc.  Read the coupon restrictions carefully.

2. Sign up for Rewards R Us! For every $150 you spend you get a $5 coupon but only during promotional periods. This would have been a great thing when I bought my breast pump last year. Oh well!

3. Sign up for Babies R Us emails and mailing list so you can get coupons in the mail or online. I usually get a 15% off coupon any baby item every couples weeks. Plus, a booklet of coupons!

4. This is the best part! You can COMBINE all of these coupons per transaction! Or in other words you can STACK the coupons, including manufacture coupons too!   I was able to stack the $5  off a $25 + the 15% off a baby item + manufacture coupons.

5. To make the above even better!  You can even use the coupons on clearance items.

6.  There are some restrictions on Babies R Us coupons  such as particular brands or items might not qualify, ask customer service and they can help you.  Read the coupons carefully.