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Parade Magazine 5/23/10

This is a good week to get your local Sunday paper or Washington Post because there is a Smart Source, Red Plum and 2 coupons in the Parade magazine.

  • Pantene $1.00 off any One Pantene product expires 6/30/10
  • Buy One Get One FREE – Buy any One Olay Total Effects Facial Moisturizer and get ONE total Effects 7 -in-1 Anti-Aging Body Washing FREE up to $7.99 excludes trial sizes expires 6/30/10
  • Harbor Freight 20% coupon on any item and a FREE flashlight no purchase necessary.
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Sunday Newspaper 5/9/10 is only the Smart Source insert

Quick mention that this week the Sunday papers like the Washington Post will  only carry the Smart Source insert. Not to worry the Red Plum will be back next week.  Check out my 2010 Insert Schedule for details.   A couple times a year Smart Source and Red Plum won’t publish an issue and usually it is on holidays like Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July and Christmas.

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Buy Your Newspapers this weekend 3/28/10!

This weekend there will be 2 Smart Source inserts and 1 Red Plum.   Plus, I’m guessing based on last year’s schedule that there should be a General Mills insert.

Thanks to Laura from Frugalfriends for pointing out that there will be a P&G insert on Easter 4/4/10.  See the preview list HERE.  Thanks

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How do you organize your coupons?

I seem to get this question a lot!  I thought I would write a regular post about the way I carry my coupons.  More detailed information about my insert organization can be found  HERE.

“How much time does it take you to organize coupons?”

Minutes!  If I have more time and I’m in the mood, I’ll spend more.    I just put them in my filing cabinet.

“How do you organize your coupons? I don’t know where to start?

I use the Couponizer that I carry with me, just because it is small and easy to carry in my purse.  I would LOVE to have a large binder or box but I’m afraid that I would lose it or my husband would commit me.  He loves that I save so much but thinks I’ve become that “Coupon Lady”, and I’m only 30! Haha! I tell him that there are a lot of ladies that are younger then me doing this too.  Besides this is the new Frugality.

If you don’t want to order the Couponizer or you think it is too big then use envelopes to hold your coupons in your purse.  Start small and as you begin the process of finding deals you will discover the method right for you.

Since I don’t have a lot of time because of my family I don’t like cutting all of my coupons so instead I keep the inserts and store them in a filing cabinet by date.  Then when I need a coupon I just find it by date.  Super easy.

Funny thing is the filing cabinet I’m using is the one that I WISHED for 7 years that my husband would get rid of, NOW I would never ever think about such a thing. 😀

If you are looking for a filing cabinet check out yard sales, Craigslist, or even Freecycle.

When I have time and I’m in the mood. I will take the multiple inserts and organize them together.

I write down the date and number of inserts in the packet. If there are multiple Smart Sources I will write down if it is SS#1 or SS#2.

Then I put them in the my filing cabinet.  With the most recent date in the front.  Super easy!

How do you organize your coupons?   Is this easy for you? Do you have an easier method?

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I got my Newspaper early!

This morning when my daughter and I were playing around the house I looked outside wondering if the snow would fall and to my surprise I got my Sunday Coupon inserts early!  I got our shoes on and we walked outside to get it.  My daughter was so excited to go outside she wasn’t interested in coming back in.  Took some persuasion to get her back in the house.

I’m so excited because my newspaper delivery person didn’t deliver the coupon comic insert section last weekend I believe because of the snow fall that we had.  I definately forwarded that complaint.  Now, I will forward a complement since this is before the snow fall.  It makes me think I might keep my newspaper service after all.

They recently wrote this in an email to Sunday subscribers:

Washington Post – Home delivery prices are going up to $1.85 for the Sunday edition, but with this limited time offer you can lock in your savings and get all 7 days of the newspaper for just $1.99 per week. That’s 69% off the newsstand prices!

I got the following 4 inserts!

  • Red Plum
  • Smart Source
  • P&G brand Saver
  • General Mills

They have several B1g1 coupons in the P&G brand Saver expire 3/31/2010.

Free Olay Quench Body Lotion when you buy any Olay Pro-X product

Free Secret Deodorant when you buy any Olay Pro-X product

Free Olay Body Wash when you buy any Venus Embrace or Venus Breeze Razor

Free Covergirl face product when you buy any Covergirl face product

Free Herbal Essences styling product when you buy an Herbal Essences shampoo, conditioner, or styling product

B1G1 Buy any one Gillette Anti-Perspirant/Deordant Get 1 Geillette Body Wash FREE

Buy 2 Vicks products and get 1 Puffs FREE

Buy any swiffer starter kit get one free refill

Buy any 1 Febreeze Flameless Luminary Starter kit get 1 Febreeze Flameless Luminary Refill Free

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Buy 1 tide detergent 75oz or larger, get 1 free tide stain release 10ct-18ct duo pac, 20-36oz liquid, 14-26oz powder or any “limited time offer” pack

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Get your Local Newspaper this week 1/10/10 – Harris Teeter Super Double Coupons

You should get the Washington Post or your local Newspaper this week 1/10/10!

There is a Redplum and SmartSource this week with a fair amount of coupons.  I noticed a lot of high value ones including a lot of $2 coupons.   Target has some good deals this week including a $10 Prescription coupon and Staples has a great week too including coupons for a lot of items just for a $1.00!

If you are like me and going to Harris Teeter for Super Double coupon event, then you will find a couple good coupons.

Smucker’s 2/$1.00 with your purchase of any 2 Sugar Free or Low Sugar Products SS

Dole Frozen Fruit Products 1/$1.50 SS

Activia 4-Pack 8-pack 12-pack or Tub 1/$1.00 SS

Dan Active 4-Pack 8-Pack 1/$1.00 SS

Egg beaters products 2/$1.00

Pepperidge Farm 2/$1.00

Polaner Sugar Free Polaner All Fruit 1/$1.00 SS

Dannon 32 Oz 2/$1.00 SS

Dannon Light & Fit 2/$1.00 SS

Neutra Air Aersol Can 1/$1.50 SS

Danimals 6 pack drink, 12 pack drink or 4 pack Crush cup 1/$1.00 SS

Benefiber Product 1/$1.00 SS

Jell-o Mousse, Gelatin, or Pudding Snacks 1/$1.00 SS

Ritz Crackerfuls Sandwich Crackers 6 oz any variety 1/$1.00  SS

Birds Eye Steamfresh vegetables 2/$1.00 SS

Birds Eye Voila 2/$1.50 SS

Celestial Seasonings Tea 1/$1.00 SS

Grande Tortilla Chips 1/$1.00 SS

Butterball Turkey Bacon, Smoked Sausage, or Lunchmeat 2/$1.00 SS

Jolly Time Microwave Pop Corn 2/$1.00 SS

Mission Tortillas 1/$1.00

Nature’s Source 1/$1.00