2010 Savings Challenge Update – March 2010

How are you doing on your 2010 Financial goals?

Check out my post from earlier this year HERE.

Our goals that will take most of the year to complete:

1.  With the extra savings from our mortgage each month we are going take it and invest.   We will include stock that we were going to sell last year into this fund.  We have a goal and so far we have about 40% saved up!

Thanks to paying myself first each month, we expect this year to reach 47% to 54% of our goal.  I’m curious what we will reach!

2.  Save towards landscaping our front yard.  We need to get a couple estimates to figure out how much we need to save. We plan on doing some of it ourselves and having someone come and help too.

Thanks to looking at my savings I have a good amount to start off with already in this budget.  In March we bought a nice used tractor to help with our lawn, snow removal and other necessary things, of course for a great deal.  Thanks to Craig’s list.  I’ll write a post about that soon.  It’s great buying used.    Plus, we just sold our old riding lawn mower so that will help the the cost.  Soon to be more about that in my new posts about Gardening 2010.

3.  New goal: Pay taxes or save taxes

It is tax time season and I’ve just submitted my taxes to be done.  I might owe taxes or might get some back. We will see.

Goals we are continuing to do successfully:

1.  Continue to pay off credit cards each month!

Of course. Note: Make sure you use your credit cards at least twice each year to avoid any non-usage fees and then PAY them off.  I’ve learned that some of my banks are including this fee now due to the changes of the laws. 

2.  Try to spend only $40 a week on groceries and try and spend less on eating out.

We have been eating out a little bit but not as much as we used.  Thanks to coupons and finding yummy recipes online.  I want to stay on track and do meal planning each week.

3. Max out our retirement accounts and look at other options to save even more into retirement.

Again, thanks to paying myself first this will be done this year.

4.  Continue to save each month into our daughter’s 529k plan.

Yes, this is continuing each month, with the other goals we have we might increase the amount soon.

Goals that we will start to do this year.

8.  Save towards remodeling our master bathroom.  Our bathroom is fine for now but it needs some tile work and we’ve thought long and hard and realized that it needs a good makeover and we plan on getting some estimates.

We haven’t started this goal yet this year.

Keep Saving!

What are your goals for 2010?