Aldi Shopping Trip 9/4/09


Before I started to use coupons I would go to Aldi on a regular basis.  In the NOVA area, we have 4 Aldi’s now and originally we had 2.  It is a great grocery store!   Not many people know what I’m talking about when I say, “Aldi”, usually I get, “What is that?” or “I know Aldi, VA!”.  Then I explain the Aldi store and the history of it.

Did you know that one of the brothers that started Aldi is the owner of Trader Joes?   It’s true.  You can even find Trader Joe like products at Aldi.  Joe Coulombe was the founder of Trader Joes and later sold it.  More information about Aldi and its german history HERE.

What is Aldi?  Click HERE for a quick tour.  You can easily spend under $100 and get a full cart of groceries.  No coupons!   Here is an article in the Wall Street Journal talking about Aldi beating out Walmart in Germany.

Today, since I was feeling much better and had my daughter with me I went up to Aldi to get a couple essentials and to pick up some non-essentials as well.  This is what I got:

Milk $2.09

Arizona Tea $2.79

2 bottles Winking Owl Chardonnay $2.99 each (LOVE this wine! It is so good and what a great price!  This is a definate treat for this frugal Mom!)

1 can Refried Beans $0.69

1 can Black Beans $0.59

1 Garden Tuscan Ceasar dressing $1.49

1 Chocolate Frostng $1.09

1 Wheat crackers $1.49

1 Ghiradelli Brownie Mix – Fudge $1.99 (I couldn’t help myself especially for that price! I see it online for $3.92)

1 Chicken Broth box $1.29

1 Hummus $1.69 (My family is in LOVE with Hummus especially after we got such a great deal at Giant last week.)

1 Frozen Blueberries $2.69 (forget the size but it is a nice size bag of blueberries and my daughter loves them!)

1 thick cut middle section bacon $3.99 (It was a little bit more than I thought I saw the price.  I thought it was under $3. I’m sure it will be really good!)

1 package bagels $1.39

1 green grapes $2.48 (Huge package of large seedless grapes.  These are so tasty! My daughter and I had some for lunch.)

1 Mini pizza crusts $3.29 ( I think there are 4 pizza crusts with sauce.  Great for an easy dinner!)

1 Flour Tortillas (Might create Mexican dinner next week!)

1 Day cream $4.99

1 Kosher Spears $1.49

Total $43.83 (including tax)

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