Cost of Diapers Over the Years – 2010,2011 and 2012

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Back in 2010, I created a spreadsheet with the cost of diapers for the year and it is amazing to see how much I’ve saved.   My plan is to continue that this year.  I want other Moms and Dads to know there is a way to cut costs on disposable diapers.  You don’t have to be a member of Sam’s Club or Costco to get diapers, and even those places I find to be most expensive.  By looking out for good deals in unusual places combining it with coupons you can stockpile on diapers and save a lot of money.   In 2010, I saved over $400 and it only cost me $400 for diapers.

My twin boys are growing so fast and at 7 months old they were wearing size 4.  Luckily, I scored so many good deals in 2011 and had a diaper party for my shower last year that I didn’t have to buy many diapers later in the year. A diaper party is a great way to stockpile on diapers. I still have a huge assortment of size 4s, 5s and even 6s. My daughter is still in training pants at night so I’m regularly looking for deals on those. I hope to find some more good deals as the year goes on.   Below is a picture of the boy’s closet right after they were born.  There are boxes on the floor too.

My price point is to get diapers free or under $.20 a diaper. I’m trying to get training pants at around $.30 each. This get to be more difficult as the sizes get bigger.

UPDATE: As of 2019,  my kids are much older so I am not looking for diaper deals anymore.  Here is a quick update!  I found that diapers cost the best at Aldi right now many people in my area mention the cost is $.12 a diaper!   That is fantastic!

The other location that seems to have the best deal and the fact shipping is included for convenience is Amazon subscribe and save

Please let me know where you find your best diaper deals!

Cost of Diapers in 2012

Cost of Diapers in 2011

Cost of Diapers in 2010