My Purchases This Last Week – 2/11/12

Last week I got some pretty good deals.  Thought I would share them.   I do get out of the house on occasion and get some of these great finds and some of them are online too.

I learned about the Michael’s $5 off $5 coupon that we used last Sunday (expired on 2/4/12), we got a couple things for the kids.   While Baby A and I went to Babies R Us to get the formula deal my husband took Baby B and Doodle to get some cheap finds at Michaels.  I’m sure I would have found some expensive item to splurge on, but they found crayons, and some off brand lego sets, and glow in the dark sticks.  Fun stuff all for very little.  My husband and I each went to Babies R Us and got the formula deal and we found a cheaper outlet cover using a 20% off coupon.

In the mail, I got the Taste of Home book deal that they offered back in January.  Buy the 10 pack Children’s Hardcover Classics for $14.99 + $1.99 Shipping.  Great deal!

I went to Babies R Us with the boys by myself and got the diaper deal and formula deal.  I even found some of the formula with 25% more free.   In addition, I’ve purchased over 9 cans so I now qualify for a FREE can.

What deals did you get this week?