Understanding Being Frugal – Aldi Shopping Trip 11/11/09

aldiMy dear wonderful husband went to Aldi last week for me. I asked him to pick up a gallon of milk and to check on the cost of butter.  During the holiday season butter usually goes on sale and my price point is under $2 (4 sticks 1lb).   He said no problem will be happy to do that.  I wanted at least 4 lbs if it is under $2.

I got home later that evening to discover that he bought milk for $2.29, 4 lbs of butter for $1.69 each,  and lots of other things!  I was happy that he found some good deals like 10 bottles of Winking Owl wine for $2.99 each.  We will enjoy that.  And, he picked up some snacks for lunches but at the end the quick trip turned into a $80.02 shopping trip. Wow! It’s been a long time for me to spend that much at the store.

I know some of it will go towards our holiday shopping needs like Thanksgiving but some of the other items we just don’t need.  This is the second time that I’ve sent him to the store without a list (or only a verbal list) and he was hungry and decided to buy everything.  I do appreciate him going but it would be nice to limit the cost.

My goal has been to spend about $40 a week which seems reasonable about $160 a month on groceries.  We still eat out on the weekends and that we limit that to no more than $20.  So, far we’ve done pretty good except last week.

Afterward he agreed that he spent a little bit more than I would have liked.  I know that I will limit my spending this coming week.  He promised to limit his spending too and to eat before shopping!

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