About Me

Welcome to RedBerryDeals.com!

My name is Holly i.e. RedBerryDeals.com.  If this is your first time on my blog I welcome you!  Feel free to take a look around.  I created this blog more than 11 years ago to post my deals and shopping trips.  Now I have a place to also post other deals and interesting tid-bits about savings, Do It Yourself, savings, cooking and so much more.  I love to teach others and hope you will start saving more today.

My background:

I used to work outside the home.  I’m now a stay-at-home Mom to my daughter and identical twin boys!

We live in DC metro area, home to lots of traffic, politics, and expensive shopping. I’ve always been interested in saving money and after having my daughter  I learned that coupons and shopping frugally really does work.   It can work for you too.

My husband and I have other hobbies too. I like to draw calligraphy, machine embroider, knit, quilt, sew and create crafts.

I hope you will enjoy this blog as much I do too. I started my blog back in the Fall 2008, shortly after I learned to shop wisely, I became so excited about my deals I had to share them with others. I started posting on forums and other places, but then realized a blog would fit my every need. A blog can provide me a place to post all of my frugal shopping trips, my thoughts about savings, and a place to organize my thoughts.

Keep Saving!