Holly’s Challah Bread – Easier then you can imagine!

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I’ve been making this Bread as a tradition in our family since 2004. Yes! 10 years! I’m feeling old typing that. It was shortly after I got “my” bread machine. This recipe came from my bread machine cookbook and I have adjusted it so it works for me. I’m happy to share this with everyone! This is the best bread! I like to make a large loaf as you can see from the picture above. Ingredients: 2 Eggs, room temperature plus enough Water 80 degrees to equal 1 1/2 cups…read more


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  Here are coupons you can print out right now.


My ELF Order and Mystery Box Spring 2014

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On occasion ELF will have a Mystery box special.  After you put $20 worth in your cart you can qualify for a FREE Mystery box using the coupon code.   My total was $26.95.    I placed my order and the next day they shipped it out via Fedex Smartpost.  It took a couple days.   I was shock at how big the box was! Don’t forget to use Ebates!  You do get a percentage back even from ELF.   Win win! Just the bag of what I purchased was…read more

How we are dealing with Mosquitoes this year!

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Homemade Mosquito Repellent Thanks to a friend last year introduced me to this awesome recipe for a Homemade Mosquito Repellent.   I can spray this on my clothes or on my skin and I won’t be bit.    It is amazing stuff.  Materials: 15 drops lavender oil 3 Tbsp of vanilla extract 10 drops of citronella oil or lemon-eucalyptus oil 1/4 Cup lemon juice Spray bottle Directions: Combine above ingredients in spray bottle. Fill remainder of bottle with water, water/vodka or water/witch hazel mixture. I used water and vodka and it worked great….read more

Biglot: Cheap Makeup Finds

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  Thanks to G from Nouveaucheap!    I love G’s blog because she has some great tips and tricks on drugstore makeup.   She found out that Big Lots has some Loreal lip gloss, Wet N Wild eyeshadow and Revlon Lip Butters for a half the price or less than at the drugstore.    I also found the new Covergirl makeup for $4.   That isn’t a bad price.  I don’t think I could get it for that price with sales and coupons at CVS. Most of these items are…read more