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Classy Kids Consignment Sale Continues 3/31/12-4/1/12

The Classy Kids Consignment Sale has been going on this week and tomorrow is the 50% off sale to the public and tomorrow is the $1 day! In the past I went to the $1 sale and was impressed to find some great items but it goes fast.

Classy Kids Consignment Woodbridge
13456 Minnieville Rd
Woodbridge, VA 22193
More information HERE!
Sat. Mar. 31:
  8am-2pm – 50% OFF SALE Public Sale
  2pm-6pm – Consignor pick up – CLOSED TO PUBLIC
Sun. April 1:
10am-1pm – Dollar Dash – All items are $1!
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Just Between Friends Consignment Sale – 4/21/12-4/22/12


Mark your calendar 4/21/12-4/22/12 is the Just Between Friends Children’s Consignment sale.   Print out the image above and Admission is FREE on 4/21/22 otherwise $5 at the door!   Sunday is free to the public.

Over 22,000 square feet of bargain shopping!

Friday, April 20th, 2012 -Presales – volunteer consignor , and Private Military
Saturday, April 21st, 2012 8:30 am to 11:00 am – Private Presale for First Time Parents
12:00 pm to 6:30 pm – Open to the Public -$5 Admission (FREE with above coupon)
Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 8 am to 12:00 pm – 50% Price Sale* Open to the Public – Free Admission Doors will close promptly at 12:30 * Items with a star on the tag remain full price.

Military Families

We want to thank them for their service! We are so excited to give them an opportunity to shop before the public as a way of saying Thank You!

Friday, April 20th – 6:30 pm
to 9:00 pm

  • Military ID required at door
  • Kids allowed
  • Registration Requested
  • You will receive your presale pass via email the week before the sale!!!

First Time Parents
To qualify as a First Time Parent, their first child must be 1 year old or less. Or, they are pregnant with their first child and have not shopped our JBF event before.

Saturday, April 21st – 8:30 am
to 11:00 am

    • REGISTRATION REQUIRED – Not registered? Do it now!
    • You are allow one “helper” to shop with you
    • Registration for the First Time Parent Presale ends April 14th!
    • Your Presale pass will be emailed to you the week before the sale, after verifying qualification that you haven’t participated with us prior, for this presale.

Just Between Friends Children’s Consignment
Loudoun, Virginia Sales Event
April 21st & 22nd, 2012
Dulles Sportsplex, in Sterling
(located near the Dulles Town Center)

All clothing are inspected and hung on gender-specific racks, by size. Toys, baby equipment, books, furniture and almost anything else that you would need to raise a child can be found by looking for the brightly-colored signage on neatly displayed tables, bins and open floor space for larger items. Volunteers help keep the sales in order and assist shoppers with items too big to carry, as well as helping to maintain the security of all items.
There is no haggling over prices at a JBF sale because every item is tagged by a consignor, who stipulates whether or not an item will go on sale during the discount sale days at the end of each JBF event. If an item does not sell, the consignor can either pick up their unsold merchandise or donate it to a local children’s charity and take a well-documented tax return of every item.

Shopping before the public is another benefit of consigning and volunteering at Just Between Friends sales events. Consignors will make from 60% to 70% of what their items sell for, which is a significant amount more than is offered by most traditional consignment stores. Plus, consignors receive their checks within two weeks of the sale, so they can quickly utilize what they made for their items.

If you can’t make it this Spring the Fall sale is 9/15/12-9/16/12!

(Disclaimer: I received a tagging gun from Just Between Friends and hope to consign at the sale this fall.)


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FCMOM Consignment Sale this weekend 2/18/12







(Expanded for teens and tweens!!!!)

Saturday, February 18th, 2012
9:00 – 1:00
Chantilly High School Cafeteria
(please use Entrance 11)
4201 Stringfellow Road
Chantilly, Virginia
**Indoor Sale, Held Rain or Shine**
In case of Fairfax County School closing,
snow date is April 14, 2012**
Sponsored by the
Fairfax County Mothers of Multiples

Continue reading FCMOM Consignment Sale this weekend 2/18/12

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Cost of Diapers Over the Years – 2010,2011 and 2012


Back in 2010, I created a spreadsheet with the cost of diapers for the year and it is amazing to see how much I’ve saved.   My plan is to continue that this year.  I want other Moms and Dads to know there is a way to cut costs on disposable diapers.  You don’t have to be a member of Sam’s Club or Costco to get diapers, and even those places I find to be most expensive.  By looking out for good deals in unusual places combining it with coupons you can stockpile on diapers and save a lot of money.   In 2010, I saved over $400 and it only cost me $400 for diapers.

My twin boys are growing so fast and at 7 months old they were wearing size 4.  Luckily, I scored so many good deals in 2011 and had a diaper party for my shower last year that I didn’t have to buy many diapers later in the year. A diaper party is a great way to stockpile on diapers. I still have a huge assortment of size 4s, 5s and even 6s. My daughter is still in training pants at night so I’m regularly looking for deals on those. I hope to find some more good deals as the year goes on.   Below is a picture of the boy’s closet right after they were born.  There are boxes on the floor too.

My price point is to get diapers free or under $.20 a diaper. I’m trying to get training pants at around $.30 each. This get to be more difficult as the sizes get bigger.

Let me know if you find good deals on diapers by leaving a comment or send me an email at redberrydeals (at) gmail (dot) com.   Thanks!

Cost of Diapers in 2012

Cost of Diapers in 2011

Cost of Diapers in 2010

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Babies R Us Brand Powder Formula Stockup Deal – Formula as low as $.05 fl oz!


Here is a great deal on Baby formula, similar to the diaper deal I just posted HERE.

Through 2/20/12, Buy ANY 2 Babies R Us powder formula and get a $5 gift card.  Gift card expires 3/31/12. Card is valid beginning 6 hours after activation.

For every 9 Babies R Us brand formula you purchase you get 1 for FREE! See below for more info.

Here are a couple scenarios:

Buy 2 Babies R Us    Premium    $13.99 each 23.4oz
OOP $27.98
Get the $5 gift card back wyb 2
Makes it $.07 a fl oz!

If you have a $5 coupon wyb 2 from the specialty marked boxes of diapers from Black Friday, you can do this deal.  I just did this deal this weekend so I know it works.

Buy 2 Babies R Us    Premium    $13.99 each 23.4oz
-$5 coupon wyb 2 from Black Friday special diapers box
OOP $22.98
Get the $5 gift card back wyb 2
Makes it $.05 a fl oz!

Now at some stores (I didn’t find this at my store) there are specialty marked formula containers with extra 10% more free or 15% more free so look out for them.  There is also a Milk Based formula that is less than $13.99 so look out for that! That could make the deal less than $.02 a fluid ounce if you combine that with the coupon.

Make sure you use your Babies R Us Reward‘s card because starting 2/1/12 you get credit for these purchases to get rewards!  This makes the deal even sweeter.  At anytime of the year, for every 9 Babies R Us brand formula you purchase you get 1 for FREE!

From what I can tell you can roll this gift card back into this deal.  I’ll try that soon.

Here is my spreadsheet that I track on the best price of formula and here is a post about finding a good deal on formula.

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Babies R Us Stockup Diaper Deal – Diapers size 3 as low as $.09 ea and FREE Wipes after $20 Gift Card!

Here is very good Stockup Diaper Deal through 2/20/12.  My price range is $.20 or less a diaper and $.02 or less a wipe.

Buy 2 boxes of ANY Babies R Us diapers (72 ct or higher) and 1 box of wipes (432 ct or higher) get a $20 gift card – gift card must be used by 3/31/12 – The gift card expires 3/31/12. Card is valid beginning 6 hours after activation. 

Regular price of Babies R Us Ultra Value diapers (yellow box)
Box of 192 size 1 is $26.99 = $.14 a diaper
Box of 160 size 2 is $26.99 = $.17 a diaper
Box of 144 size 3 is $26.99 = $.19 a diaper
Box of 126 size 4 is $26.99 = $.21 a diaper
Box of 116 size 5 is $26.99 = $.23 a diaper
Box of 92 size 6 is $26.99 = $.29 a diaper

Wipes $9.99 for 432 wipes $.02 a wipe

Regular price of Babies R Us Supreme diapers (blue box)
Box of 152 size 1 $26.99 = $.18 a diaper
Box of 132 size 2 $26.99 = $.20 a diaper
Box of 116 size 3 $26.99 = $.23 a diaper
Box of 100 size 3 $26.99 = $.27 a diaper
Box of 88 size 5 $26.99 = $.30 a diaper
Box of 72 size 6 $26.99 = $.37 a diaper

Wipes $12.99 for 528 wipes = $.02 a wipe

Here are a couple scenarios:

1. Buy 2 boxes of diapers for $26.99 + 1 box of wipes $9.99 = $53.98 OOP
Get $20 gift card exp 3/31/12

2. Note: Just did this deal this weekend so I know it works. These coupons came in the specialty marked boxes that were sold on Black Friday.
Buy 2 boxes of diapers for $26.99 + 1 box of wipes $9.99 = $53.98
Use the $5 coupon for diapers from the Black Friday diaper deal box
Use the $2 coupon for wipes from the Black Friday diaper deal box
Total OOP: $46.98
Get $20 gift card exp 3/31/12

Make sure you use your Babies R Us Reward‘s card because starting 2/1/12 you get credit for these purchases to get rewards!  This makes the deal even sweeter.

From what I can tell you can roll this gift card back into this deal.  I’ll try that soon.

Note:  From my own personal experience if you do want to exchange or return to do so in 90 days with the receipt.  If you are stockpiling for a new baby don’t go over board thinking you can exchange the size at any time.  I suggest you get 1 of each size and then get a couple extra of size 2, 3 and 4.  Those are the most common sizes you will sure to use.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Giant: Seventh Generation Diapers Size 3 for $.21 a diaper

Just came across this deal for those that really like Seventh Generation Diapers.  I liked them when my babies were newborn and I bought them through Amazon for a pretty good deal. Here is a better deal! The coupon expires on 1/31/12 so hurry!

Seventh Generation Diapers on sale for $8.99 (which is a good price)
Use the coupon 1/$0.75 Seventh Generation Product, any (Excluding Single Roll Paper Products) – All You, November 2011 exp 1/31/12  (The coupon says on any seventh generation product but it might only apply to cleaning products.  I’m not sure.)
Final Cost: $7.49

Based on my research Size 3 include 35 diapers so that makes them $.21 a diaper.   Not bad and I try to get them $.20 or less.

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Giant: Cottontails Training Pants $5.49 after Catalina coupon


If you are need of training pants check out this deal this week at Giant ends on 2/2/12.   The Catalina machine is printing out a $2 coupon off any Cottontails training pants.    I received one from last week’s Giant transaction.   The training pants are on sale this week for $7.49.

Buy 1 Cottontails training pants for $7.49

Use $2 Cottontails training pants Catalina coupon

Final Cost:  $5.49

I got another Catalina at this checkout, so it is possible to roll this over and over.



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How to find great deals on baby formula?

I’ve been looking forward to find time to write this post.   My twin boys are now 7 months old!  I can’t believe it either.  They are growing up so fast.   I’m a huge supporter of breast feeding and breast pumping.  I breast feed my twins almost exclusively for over 2  months.  But then I became pretty exhausted and my energy level couldn’t keep up and neither could my body.  I started supplementing and the boys enjoyed it.  I became a happier Mom and they are very happy babies.

Now they are older it is so funny to watch how  excited they get when they see their bottles full of formula.  They eat solids now and are enjoying lots of homemade baby food as well as my huge stock of natural baby food jars I bought last fall at Big Lot’s 20% off sale.   I had bought 100+ jars of baby food for about $20.

One question that is always on my mind right now is  How to find great deals on baby formula?

The best way to calculate this is compare best price per fluid ounce.    Not ounce of the package.

Which formula do you want to purchase?

Generic Brands

I’m a huge fan of generic formulas most large stores carry generic baby formula made by PDM Nutritional.   I’ve found that my babies really like it.     They cost about $.08 or less a fluid ounce! If you have questions or concerns about generic baby formula click HERE for more information from the FDA.  I did my research on it and it is comparable to the national brands.

National Brands

If you are interested in named brand formulas like Similac or Infamil.  Then you need to look at several options to save the most such as sales, using coupons, savings checks or buying in bulk.

Where to buy?

Generic Brands

If you are interested in generics formulas it doesn’t matter if you use Babies R Us, Walmart’s Parent’s Choice, Target Up & Up brand , Sam’s Club Simply Right or other store brands it is the same formula from PDM Nutritional.     I suggest buying from which ever store has the best price per fluid ounce.

Babies R Us has a great promotion via the Babies R Us rewards program that allows you to purchase 9 and get the 10th for free!

Target on occasion has sales that puts the formula on sale and gives you a $5 gift card when you buy 2.

CVS also on occasion has sales for their formula including promotions that include Extra Care Bucks (ECB)s.

National Brands

Make sure you sign up for each of the national brand programs.  That might mean signing up online, via mail or phone.  After I had my twins I learned that I could write to each of the formula companies and get some freebies.  I could get a case of formula free from Infamil via their multiples new beginning program.  I wrote to them and they called me and sent me a case per child.  It was a life saver for us.   Plus, I got coupons that I used at several stores.    When I wrote to Similac they sent me coupons that I could use in any store.  From Gerber I got some great coupons and some matching newborn onesies.

You can purchase national brands from any store.   I’ve found that for the convenience factor for most Moms is to buy from a club warehouse is a cost effective way verse running into the grocery.  However, if you look closely for sales you can find some great sales at Target, CVS, and Rite Aid.  Make sure to keep your eye out for additional manufacture coupons you can use during a sale or use a manufacture coupon check.

A coupon check comes from the manufacture usually with the person’s name written on it good for a maximum amount and only for a specific product or any product depending on the writing.   Most of these checks say for “any” formula and that includes powder, ready to feed and concentrate.   As long as the check information reads properly the check can be applied to any of these.  I’ve scored almost free ready to feed formulas from these checks.  And I have to admit the ready to feed formulas are a nice to have especially with twins! Hand these checks to the cashier at the end of the transaction. Only 1 coupon per purchase (or item).

Free Samples!

Click HERE for a Sam’s Club free sample of their Simply Right brand.

Click HERE for a Walmart free sample of Parent’s Choice.

Cost Spreadsheet

Here is my formula cost spreadsheet that I created this year on formulas that I have purchased.  I’ve even includes some of the deals including coupons I used.

Click HERE to view the google spreadsheet.

Let me know of some formula deals that you have scored or if you have some formula calculations you want me to add to the spreadsheet.

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CVS Shopping Trip 06/09/11

I know this is a bit late to post but I wanted to show that I can still get some great deals even after having twins!  I did this with my kids in toe and my Mom helping watch them.   This is what I did:

All Huggies Jumbo Pack diapers, pull-ups, or goodnites $8.99 = $2 Ecb (limit 1)
Used $2/1 coupon found in home mailer
Paid $6.99
Get back $2 Ecb
Final cost ONLY $4.99!

Efferdent 78-90 ct $3.99 = $1 Ecb (limit 2)
Buy 2 Efferdent products = $7.98
Used the $2/2 coupon found in the 6/5 SS
Paid $5.98
Get back $2 Ecb
Final cost $1.99 each!

Secret, Old Spice, or Gillette deodorant (excludes clinical 1.6-1.7 oz) Buy 1 get 1 50% off
Bought 2 Old Spice High Endurance Sport Deodorants $4.29
Bought 2 Old Spice body wash (Free with coupon below)
Minus buy one get one 50% off sale = $6.43 for all
Used $1/2 deodorant coupon found in the 6/5 P&G
Plus, use 2 Free Old Spice Body Wash (up to $5.99) when you buy Old Spice deodorants coupons found in the 6/5 P&G
Should have been final cost $1.35 per item!   However, the cashier didn’t take $3.99 for the body wash and insisted that the bodywash was B1G1 to so I didn’t argue and she took off $2.14 for the cheaper one. My Final Cost came out to $2.07 per item.   I might return them but I haven’t decided.

Crest Pro-health rinse 1 liter $4.50 = $2.50 Ecb (limit 2)
Use the $2/1 coupon found in the 6/5 P&G
Pay $2.50
Get back $2.50 Ecb
Final cost Free!

I got a $5/$20 coupon out of the Washington Post paper!

My total came out to $19.09 after coupons and used $9.99 ECBs.

My total OOP came to $9.10 and I got back $6.50 ECBs.

Not bad even after paying extra for the deodorant/body washes.