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24 hours only 01/05/11- Download David Bach’s Debt Free for Life Book


For 24 hours only (starting at 12:01 am EST on January 5th) you can download a FREE copy of Debt Free For Life. CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD NOW!

 Get started today—read Debt Free For Life, share it with your friends and begin your journey towards financial freedom.


CLICK HERE starting at 12:01am EST today, January 5th and get your FREE DOWNLOAD NOW! This offer is only available for 24 hours and ends at 11:59pm EST tonight! Again, please forward this on to your friends and family members!



Some of you may be wondering why we would provide a download for free after we just promoted pre-ordering the book. The answer is simple. I am on a mission to inspire 1 million people to take action to pay down their debt in 2011 and I’ve been fortunate enough to convince my publisher, Random House to work with me on this mission and make this incredibly rare exception to provide this 24 hour free download. Again, for those of you who already pre-ordered Debt Free For Life, I hope you are enjoying the hardcover copy. If you haven’t ordered it yet, you still can here! For those of you who can’t afford to buy a book right now or simply want a free copy of Debt Free For Life, take action now and claim your free download! Click here to download your free copy NOW!!

Please feel free to share this offer with your friends on Twitter and Facebook!

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Free Download of David Bach’s New Book –

Click HERE to download David Bach’s New Book – Start Over, Finish Rich 10 Steps to Get You Back on Track in 2010 for FREE!  Today only – started 1/4/09  and will stop sometime today – 1/5/09!   Hurry!

From David Bach:

Now that is a great question! And the answer is I truly want to help millions of you make 2010 your best year ever. I know many of you may not be able to afford a book at this time and this was my best way to give back in 2010 and help as many of you as possible. We know that giving away this book five days after it is released is risky and may hurt book sales, but I’m willing to take the risk. I told my publisher, trust me, the more people we help in 2010, the better! I know many of you will still buy the book, love reading the paperback and enjoy the free bonuses we’re giving away (only when you purchase it.) But for those of you who can’t, here’s your chance to enjoy it today!

Thanks for being a part of my community and sharing Start Over, Finish Rich with those you love. And thank you again for reading my past books (and this one) and letting me be your trusted financial coach.

Happy New Year!

David Bach

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I like a lot of the financial writers and advisers like  Ric Edleman, Dave Ramsey,and David Bach.   They all have very sound advice and some of it I’ve accepted and used wisely and some I’ve listened to and made my own decisions.

David Bach was the first to introduce me to having a frugal mindset before I even knew who Dave Ramsey was!  David Bach introduced me to the “Latte Factor” – stop spending extra on things you could live without – “find out what investing your small savings can do for you.”   I strongly suggest you take a look at his books and learn more about how you can “Finish Rich.”