My Laundry Schedule

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(Update 2018:  We still do this laundry system. It works really well for us.  That is saying something for 5 years!)   Back in 2012, I asked about how others did their laundry and heard several different responses.  In December 2013,  I asked my friends on Facebook how they handle all of their laundry and the responses got me on a mission.   I had to figure out a new system for my family. Step 1:    I got everyone in my family a laundry hamper that fits ONLY 1 X-large load of laundry.   This is key!  If the hamper is too big then the loads get overwhelming.  If they are too small then it just seems like a waste of water and time.   The Jall hampers from IKEA…
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What’s your Laundry Schedule? and What do you use to clean your clothes?

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How do you do your laundry? Do you do it all at once? Do you take your time and a do a load once a day?  Leave me a comment with your thoughts. I've had this problem for sometime now. Since I work full-time, I rush around the house in the morning to get the baby, husband and myself out the door. I sometimes throw in a load of laundry into the washer and take a load out of the dryer and put it into a basket for later folding or hanging. Recently, I got into a routine to start a load in the morning and when I get home I put a load away and put the load in the dryer.  I feel it is a lot easier to…
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