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This is so cool!   For the first time I ordered coupons online thanks to!

It was super easy to do.  I even ordered whole inserts from 1/24/10.  I spent $5.82 and got the following coupons:

1 1/24 Cincinnati Red Plum Insert LIMIT 10 please
@ $0.55 = $0.55

1 1/24 Cincinnati Smart Source Insert LIMIT 10 pleas
@ $0.90 = $0.90

2 Hefty Waste Bags: $.55 off 1
@ $0.08 = $0.16

2 Efferdent 78 count+, or Effergrip 2.5 oz: $.75 off 1
@ $0.08 = $0.16

10 Purina CAT CHOW or Kitten Chow 3 lbs+: $1.00 off 1
@ $0.10 = $1.00  (I hope to find a deal for these or buy them at Walmart)

1 Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners: $1.00 off 1
@ $0.10 = $0.10

4 Advil on any 40 count+: $2.00 off 1
@ $0.20 = $0.80

1 Complete Multi-Purpose Solution on any 12 oz+: $2.00 off 1
@ $0.15 = $0.15

4 Hefty PLATES or CUPS: $.50 off 1 LIMIT 10 please
@ $0.10 = $0.40

Sub-Total: $4.22
Shipping: $1.60 (Standard)

I ordered the coupons on 2/7/10 and got them today, 2/12/10, which isn’t bad since we have had so much snow that our mail has been delayed for a couple days!

Cindy Wolford is the owner of here is a little background about her and her site.

I first discovered stockpiling in the Fall of 2008 and have been hooked ever since!  I’ve been selling on eBay for about 7 years, but focused on coupons only since last Fall.  Because I want to provide the coupons you need at the lowest possible price, I decided to offer my services in this format that costs me fewer fees (and fewer fees for me = lower costs for you!).

It’s my wish to provide you with the highest quality service and value, and that means accuracy and speed.  It’s important that you get your coupons fast to use them for this week’s sale.  Do I make mistakes?  Of course I do.  Are they rare?  You bet – and when it does happen, I more than make it up to you.  Please remember this: I want you to succeed at saving money while shopping, and I firmly believe that stockpiling is the best way to achieve that.  I want you to be completely happy with my service and come back – often!

In order to provide as close to 100% satisfaction as possible, I have chosen to limit the inventory I carry and the number of customers I can adequately serve.  Again, keeping you happy is my #1 priority!

Click on the link to order coupons today!

Note: I am an affiliate.

P&Gbrand Everyday Solutions – Get coupons and samples!


I was looking closely at the P&G brand Saver for this week and discovered that it has some pretty good coupons for our area.  For example the $1.00 off Bounty paper towels are for 1 multi pack or 2 any size and there is a $1.00 off Iams cat food.   Several others are pretty good too.

I then did a search for other coupons that are P&G products and came across the P&G Sample and Coupon Everyday Solutions website.  Click HERE to sign up for samples and coupons.

If I understand it correctly each month about this time you can login and then select samples and coupons that you would like.  This is great!

Let me know what coupons and samples you like or that you found recently. Premium Shipping in 2 days!

I just wanted to mentioned in regards to my previous post HERE, that I did get the diapers on Wednesday as promised, plus I got the ebates 1% back.  I’m going to submit the rebate for $14.97 shortly so after all said and done.  Over 152 diapers will cost me $20.16!

DELL laptop Mini 9 – $185 (Company discount)


For a limited time expires 9/10/09 so hurry! This is for those that work for a company with a special Dell purchase program.  Click HERE to check it out.

Mini 9
Intel® Atom Processor® N270 (1.6GHz/533Mhz FSB/512K cache)
Ubuntu Linux version 8.04.1
4GB Solid State Drive
1GB DDR2 at 533MHz
Dell EPP Members save $40 off this Inspiron Notebook System!

Starting Price $239
Instant Savings $40
7% Member Discount $14
Subtotal $185

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ebates – This site pays you back! Sign up now and we each get $5. So when you are interested in buying something online just login to ebates and you get a percentage back on your purchase. For example: Right now you want to buy Christmas presents. Login to ebates then click on Gap, Walmart, or Home Depot via ebates and you get 1% to 6% cash back!

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Online Coupon Codes

During the payment process many online stores will have a field to enter a coupon or promotion code. Entering a special code will give you a discounted rate or free extras. I know most companies have online coupon codes, but where can I find them?

Some online stores will allow you to enter more than one! – This is a great site to find the online coupon codes. It takes almost no time or effort to search. There are over 15,000 stores listed. – This site listed alphabetically – for the latest offers, sign up for RSS feeds – this site updates coupon codes daily