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Cheap School Supplies at Staples! $5/$30 coupon too!


Staples will be having another coupon!  This time $5/$30.  Check out click HERE!

There are a lot of cheap items this week to include with this coupon.

Elmer’s school glue 4oz limit 2 per customer. While supplies last.$.25 each

Staples manual pencil sharpener  limit 2 per customer. While supplies last $.25 each

Staples cap erasiors 12/pack  Limit 2 per cusotmer. While supplies last. $.25 each

Bic Matic Grip assorted mechanical pencils, 5/pack Limit 2 per customer.  While supplies last. $.25 each

Staples 3″x5″ white ruled index cards, 100/pack Limit 2 per customer. While supplies last. $.25 each

Slider pencil case assorted Limited 2 per cusotmer. While supplies last $.25 each

Hammermill CopyPlus copy paper, 500-sheet ream Limit 2 REBATES per customer. $6.29 – $2.30 instant savings – $2.99 easy REBATE = $1.00 after REBATES

Canon Pro photo paper Limit 2 REBATES per customer $9.99 – $7.99 easy REBATE= $2.00 after REBATES

ALL Staples Color Paper (no price mentioned) Limit 2 REBATES per customer. = $3.00 after REBATES

Lots of Items listed under the 2 for $3 ($1.50 each) including Expo Markers, pencils, scissors, and tape.  Check it out!

Staples Venga fabric task Chair  Limit 2 REBATES per customer. While supplies last. $39.99 – $20.00 instant savings – $10 easy REBATE = $9.99 after REBATES

HP 4GB USB Flash Drive Reg. 17.99  Sale = $9.99 (no limit)

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Fantastic Staples and CVS Shopping Trip 7/12!




Click HERE for the Staples Freebies post.  I headed there at 10:00AM this morning, right when they opened and bought several of the $1 and cheap rebate items to reach the mininum $20 purchase to use the $5 coupon.  What a great deal!

2 Staples 8.5×11 Copy Paper $3.69 each = $ 7.38

2 No 2 Yellow Pencils $0.01 each = $0.02 (saved $.98 each)

1 Junior 5in Blunt Scissors $1.00 (saved $0.99)

1 Bic Wite-out Quick dry $1.00  (saved $2.49)

1 Bic Velocity pens $1.00 (saved $3.69)

2 Major Accent Assorted highlighters $1.00 each = $2.00 (saved $2.99 each)

1 Staples Photo Paper Plus $9.99

Subtotal $22.39

-$5/$20 coupon in Ad

Tax 5% = $0.87

OOP Total = $18.26

Will get the following Staples Rebates:

$7.36 for the Staples Paper

$8.99 for the Staples Photo Paper

Cost = $1.91!!!

CVS Trip

I had a $2 ECB that was going to expire this week so I wanted to roll that over and since there were a lot of freebies this week I decided to use the $10 ECB I got from the eyeglass cleaner money maker a couple weeks ago.

1 CVS Cotton Swab 625 count $2.50 (This was a filler and I was looking for it cheap)

3 PaperMate Grip 8 Count pens $0.99 each = $2.97

2 Cal 11×8 notebooks $0.99 each = $1.98 (Donated this to my mother-in-laws school)

2 Cal School glue $0.99 each = $1.98

2 Thermacare Neck 1 count $2.49 each = $4.98  (I had a raincheck from a couple weeks ago.)

1 Huggies Wipes 177 count on discount! $2.99

Used the following coupons:

-1 Thermacare Internet Coupon

-1 Thermacare Internet Coupon

-1 Huggies bath & body Coupon mailer

-2 CVS Huggies Wipe CRT!

-2 ECB

-10 ECB

Subtotal = $0.40

VA 5% = $0.05

VA 5% = $0.07

OOP Total = $.52

ECBS received:

$1.98 Cal Notebooks

$1.98 Cal Glue

$2.97 Papermate Pens

$3 Thermacare (The cashier was wonderful! He knew what to do but I guess getting it to the exact $2.49 didn’t work so it rounded up?)

$3 Thermacare

Profit = $0.41

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Free School or Office Supplies!

CVS and Staples are having a lot of free or cheap school or office supplies.  It is that time of year again!  Plus, you donate some of them too.   In our area, so many schools need supplies more than ever.  It is so helpful for parents and volunteers to help their teachers and students out.


Click HERE for the Staples ad.

A couple things to note about the Staples ad the 1 cent items are only through Wednesday.

The best part is if you buy all of the $1 items and the 1 cent items you should reach the $20 min for the coupon. So, after the 2 paper 3.68 rebates and the $5 coupon it should cost about $7.64!

Plus, make sure you use or get the staples reward card which is free to apply for. You get some perks too.


Click HERE for the CVS freebies from!

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Staples Shopping Trip – 5/6/2009

Here is an update to this shopping trip…I received the following rebates back.

Thanks to several posts, Redemption Unlimited,

I went to Staples this evening with my husband and daughter.

I saw that a package of HP paper would be $1 after the rebate!  Since I’ve been using a lot of paper for coupons I liked Redemption Unlimited’s idea of buying the paper.  Then I saw CouponCravings’s post about the Casio Label maker.  My husband I love to create labels on just about everything.  Yes, my husband put a label on our label maker.  hahaha…in any case, I showed my husband my list and instead he started looking at the laptop deal on the front page. His laptop isn’t doing so well and since we have had our laptops for a couple years it’s time to find a new one.  Below is our deals including a laptop for just about $450.  Not a bad deal.  This is an early Father’s Day present and Birthday Present.

1 HP 650-133 (-$120.00 instant savings)  (-$50 rebate)  $479.98  = $429.98 after rebate  Received the $50 check on 6/8/09

1 Ghirardelli Assortment $3.99 (-$3.99 rebate) = FREE after rebate = .42 cent stamp I mailed this out a week or so ago so I expect this will take a couple more weeks.

1 Casio KL-60L Label Maker $19.99 (-$20 VISA card rebate) = FREE after rebate  Received the $20 Visa Gift Card on 6/7/09

1   12 Clasp envelopes  = $1.00

2 HP 8×11 paper $7.29 -($6.29 rebate) = $1.00 each after rebate Received the check for $12.58 on 6/6/09

$519.54 + $25.78 (tax) = $545.32 OOP

Total OOP (after rebates) = (-$86.57 rebate) $458.75 + (.42 stamp) = $459.17


See all my receipts and rebates!  The best part is most of this can be done on staples website.  I only have to submit the chocolate rebate in the mail.