We heat our house with a Pellet Stove and we save $100s each year.

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I can't believe it is Spring 2012. This winter has been a very mild winter for the Northern Virginia area. Last year was a different story. I want to mention that we use a Pellet Stove to heat our house. Have you heard of a Pellet Stove? Not many people I talk to have heard of it especially around this area of the country. They are very popular in the Northeast or Northwest. A pellet stove is a very efficient stove. It produces a constant dry heat. It is environmentally clean by burning small hardwood pellets completely and creating a very fine ash. The emissions are basically non existent because the smoke is very little that comes out of the chimney.  It uses hardwood saw dust which is a renewable…
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Working Mom vs. Staying at Home Mom

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How much does it cost to work vs. staying at home?  Or how much does it cost to stay at home vs. work? These questions have popped in my head for awhile. I enjoy my job for many reasons. I also like staying at home with my daughter.  I work a 9/80 schedule so I get every other friday off.  This is great because I get a taste of what it's like to stay at home.  However, those Fridays are very busy and I'm usually very tired because of the long week. I really do wonder could we afford for one of us to stay at home?  I did some research and I found a couple interesting calculators that help figure out the answers. Kiplinger - Can One of you…
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