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Going to Disney World on a Budget

My family went on a week long vacation to Florida in January, which was a great get away.  Of course, when we got back we had to deal with February record snow falls.  Who would have guessed?

January is a the best time to go because there are no lines and the hotels are very cheap.

I mentioned in some earlier posts that we went to Disney on a vacation but with a toddler we knew she wouldn’t be up to going to parks and we didn’t want to spend that much.   We went on a fairly frugal vacation.

A couple things we did:

1.  FREE – Downtown Disney – Downtown Disney is free for everyone.  It is like an out door mall.   There are a lot of shops and even a couple paid activities.  The fun part is just walking around and seeing the sites.   For the little ones there is a Lego Store, and Mr. Potatohead store. We went there a couple times during the week to walk around. If you go to the Mr. Potatohead store it costs about $20+ to fit as many items in a box.  Not bad.

2.  FREE water taxi rides between Boardwalk hotel, Swan hotel, Hollywood Studies, and Epcot – If you stay at one of the hotels or park at one of the hotels like we did you can catch a taxi ride to each of the parks listed and back again.  We just rode on them a couple times before my daughter wanted to run around.

3.  FREE – Monorail – The main entrance to Walt Disney World includes the monorail entrance which is free to take you to Magic Kingdom and Epcot and back again.

After having a great time at Downtown Disney, my daughter seemed to be interested in the animals so we decided to go to Animal Kingdom.

Where to find discounted Disney tickets? Thanks to a dear friend we were able to find some discounted tickets.  Check out The Official Ticket Center – The Best Deal on Disney Tickets!  The best way to buy tickets is in a bundle so we picked non-expiring tickets and paid with a debt card!  It cost about $50 per adult per day.  We got 6 days non-expiring non-hopping passes.   Prices do change but this is a great place to check out for the best prices.  The toddler is free for now.

Any other suggestions? What have you done with your kids on vacation that was frugal?

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I’m back!

I’m back!  My family and I went on a week long vacation.  We had a blast and I hoped I would have access to my blog but our mini laptop wasn’t working for most of the trip especially using the blog wordpress software.  Thanks to technology I was able to check my email from my phone, but that was about it.  I hoped to write this sooner but when I got home yesterday my laptop had some issues too.  Got to love technology!

I have a lot of posts I look forward to write about my family adventure.   I’m back at work this week so I will have to do that obligation first so please be patient as I get back on track.

A couple posts I hope to write about soon include:

Shoppers Deals 1/22 – 1/27  – Thanks to

Bottom Dollar Food Deals

How to do a road trip with a Toddler?

How to go to Disney World on a budget?

Shopping Outlet Deals – We found great deals!

Cutting Cost on Traveling – How much did it cost to travel to Florida?

Hotel Discounts

Food Budget on Vacation – How we overspent in some areas and underspent in others!  Lessons learned!

Many more!

Feel free to ask any questions or suggestions for future posts.

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Time to think about 2010 Summer vacations?

It’s cold outside!

I know, but I want to think about warm weather for a least a minute. It’s too cold. Right now I’m thinking about my 2010 goals for the year and one of them is to think about a vacation. We need one!  I’m sure you do too.  Why not add that to your 2010 goals?  Besides what a perfect time to plan, it might make you feel warmer! I found a couple interesting websites that might help you start thinking towards this goal. – What a perfect website! This isn’t just great for planning vacations it is also good for your local area too.

Here are some great examples:

Denny’s has Kids Eat free on Tuesdays and sometimes Saturdays.  Call ahead of course.

Boston Market extended its 2 Kids Eat Free promotion – Saturday & Sunday – to 1/31/10!

For those that don’t have kids Boston Market has some great coupons too!  Click HERE to check them out!

The I-95 Exit Guide – If you are on the East coast traveling up and down Interstate 95 this is a great guide of rest stops and places to stay and attractions to go to. I haven’t done a lot of traveling yet with our daughter and I can imagine we will have to make a lot of rest stops.  You can use the  mileage calculator and even look up outlet malls to go to as a great place to get out and walk around.