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Spring Into Organization 2012: Laundry Room

After reading and admiring so many awesome laundry room posts I had to jump in and organize my laundry room. Here are some before pictures. Yes, there is dirty laundry on the floor and clean laundry hanging up. We are human!


Our house was built in 1980 and surprisingly they designed the house with some features we see in houses today like the laundry room on the second floor and 5 walk-in closets. Isn’t that unheard of for that year?


Be jealous! This house has lots of storage which is a great! I’m so fortunate! However, it can be a bad thing. Good thing because I can get organized, but it has been a bad thing because I haven’t the rooms and closets are messy and disorganized. Now it is the time to get organized! I’m so motivated now.

There are so many options for this small laundry room.

1. I could limit my detergent and laundry supplies and then make part of this a linen closet. Since we remodeled our master bathroom we don’t have a linen closet anymore. The reason I haven’t put linens in here is the lint from the dryer is pretty significant because in the winter we use the heat from the dryer in the house (see the box just over the dryer) and even with the filter we still have lint dust in the laundry room. I just store all of our linens in each room under the bed. It works.

2. Keeping most of the detergent and cleaning products in one room and away from the children. Storing the extra stuff in the basement.

3. I could add additional shelving so it could be both a place to keep my stockpile of detergent as well as the linen closet.

I’m thinking of sticking to option 2 for now it costs a lot less!

Here are some of the After pics. (I’m still adding some creative elements as I go along.)

I’ve created separate shelves for my supplies. All of the detergent and other harsh chemicals are out of reach of the children. Look at the top right and see that my detergent is exactly above the washer. Perfect pour right into the washer! Cleaning Supplies with the keep out of reach for children items are on the next shelf.

Stain Removers and Laundry Supplies are also out of reach of children.

Last but not least are my cleaning cloths like microfiber and dust cloths. The larger box still needs a label but is additional storage of cloths and toilet soft brushes.

Since I wanted to keep all of my cleaning supplies on hand but also out of reach of the kids I wanted boxes that fit the shelving but also also were heavy enough so they were hard to move. I discovered the wooden Prant boxes at IKEA and they are great. Doodle helped me build the boxes and had a blast doing it. She got to use the huge malt to hammer in the medal sides. I purchased 4 Prant boxes $6.99 each and 1 larger Prant box $9.99 each. Total Cost: $37.95


Redberrydeals_laundry room labels_fake_chalkboard labels

Fake Chalk Board labels!

Here I created some labels for my new IKEA Prant Boxes. I created these simply with my Cricut cutting out a couple designs using yellow for the background and black for the top piece. The yellow paper is 5 1/2 inches and the black paper is 4 inches. Then I used the glue dots. The perfect “chalk” was using my daughter’s Crayola Mini Twistables Crayons. I already had the supplies! Cost: $0.00

I later decided I wanted some clothes pins so I could clip the labels on the boxes as well as use them for other craft projects. I found a package of 50 at Walmart for $.98. Cost: $.98

What do you think?

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Spring Into Organization 2012: Cleaning Up Our Message Board


Wow!  This is what our message center looks like?  I had to do something about this.

After having twins last year, my life honestly has been insane!   It has been a huge adjustment not only on me but my daughter (Doodle) too because I went from being an outside the home working Mom to staying at home full-time.    Organization 2012 is now my mission.

Over a week ago I came across Laura from‘s post about Spring Into Organization.  I’ve become addicted looking at some of these posts.  I’ve already started on organizing my laundry room,  my family room desk, and changing table. The best part being some of the ideas are so simple you can do it in an hour or a couple hours!  Plus, some of them like this message center can be done for pennies or FREE!


On our Message Board we seem to put all of the receipts for the month on them, things that need to be done and things we don’t want to lose. It seems to be catch all for for items we don’t have time to put away right that moment. I’ve already started putting all of the receipts in the month holders and it is already proving to be an excellent system. The donate receipts are great reminders that we need to donate again soon. Then the coupons can also hold gift cards that we have available so before we leave the house we can grab what we need.

I created the envelopes by using junk mail!  We’ve gotten so many large envelopes lately so I just glued some yellow paper to the inside.  I bought the paper at the Staples FREE pastel paper after Easy rebate last week.   The clear envelope at the bottom is also from junk mail and is a great envelope so we can add our Box Top coupons for my daughter’s school.  She adds them herself.

Almost all of the posts I saw showed people using beautiful tags and shapes.   Since I have a Cricut machine, my daughter and I used the Calendar Circut card and created each month.  Then glued them on the corresponding blue paper.  The paper I already had so I didn’t spend anything.  She asked to create some more and I liked the idea so we created some circles and I did some calligraphy.  The best part is each are reusable for next year.   I just need to create new envelopes for each month and then file them away after I’m done.  Then all of my receipts are in one place!   A great project to do with my 3 year old and FREE!


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Organization 2012

Organization 2012

My husband and I were talking about goals that we have for ourselves this year.  Our kids are young so just having a good time while they are little is important to us.    This means we need to be better about organization.

Organization is constant with my 3 year old. Don’t forget I have identical twin boys that are starting to crawl.  Babyproofing is never ending!   I’ve learned that if one system doesn’t work right now, there will be another system that does work.  I’m still trying to figure out the right methods to get laundry done but I will find it!   I’ll be talking about that too.

This month I wanted to talk about kids crafts.   I love crafts.  We have everything to do crafts and they are all over the house.  My plan is getting them all organized.  There are crafts that are perfect for my 3 year old to get into on her own while I’m watching the twins.  However, there are crafts she should never get into until she is older.  When I get to those places in our house I will definitely share them with you.

After a wonderful Christmas my daughter got several fun kits of play-doh, markers, and paper.  Since I’ve been staying at home she has used her table, and kitchen table to color and the paper seemed to get placed on the counter, or on top of the fridge.

This weekend after talking about organization, it dawned on me that I have some cabinets that I can re-organize and provide her space for her craft supplies.  She can now get her paper, markers and play-doh and then put it away when she is done!

We didn’t spend a penny on this.  I used some metal cans for her markers  and paints.  Then my husband found this 3 drawer box that he wasn’t using and it fits her coloring books and colored paper.  The tin on top is a old cookie tin that we have used to store her crayons.  The top cabinet holds her play-doh and the red box is an art box that holds the play-doh cutters.  Perfect!

My plan is to work on all of our cabinets one at a time and re-organize each of them.  Not only will I find more space that I know I didn’t have but also find things to donate, and sell.  I’m excited.

What are your organization goals for this year?

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My Laundry Schedule


Back in 2012, I asked about how others did their laundry and heard several different responses.  In December 2013,  I asked my friends on Facebook how they handle all of their laundry and the responses got me on a mission.   I had to figure out a new system for my family.

Step 1:    I got everyone in my family a laundry hamper that fits ONLY 1 X-large load of laundry.   This is key!  If the hamper is too big then the loads get overwhelming.  If they are too small then it just seems like a waste of water and time.   The Jall hampers from IKEA work great and the price is right currently $4.99 each.


Step 2.  I also created a hamper system for towels and delicates.  Towels are the easiest items to clean in my opinion so whenever I get a load of towels I can throw them in the laundry and put them away easily.  I love this picture by the way because my 2 year old took it.


Step 3.  Everyday I do at least 1 load of laundry.  I find that it isn’t as overwhelming as it may sound.   Whoever has a full hamper that is the load for the day.  I don’t sort by colors and whites.  I throw it all in.   Since the laundry is only that person’s laundry the sorting is super easy at the end.  My daughter’s laundry will be taken to her room and the boy’s laundry will be taken to their room.

Step 4.  Label each of the hampers.  I used Vinyl with my new Silhouette Cameo.


Step 5.   When I put the laundry away for items that need to be hung up I do it as I take them out of the dryer.   I have a shower curtain rod hanging in my laundry room and I put hangers on it.    Then all I need to do is put away the rest.   That is it!

How do you do your laundry?  Do you have a system?   What do you think?


$1.00 off Spot Shot Stain & Odor Eliminator

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Day #3-5 – 30 Day Cleaning Challenge

Day #3-5

I’m going to challenge myself by following the 31 Day Cleaning Challenge with Money Saving Mom.     She is using the chart from Fresh and Organized.

Day 3:

Surface clean the bedrooms

Day 4:

Surface clean other rooms

Day 5:

Surface clean kitchen or living room/family room
This is hard!   My kids and I worked hard on the bedrooms and only got to 2 of them.  It was a lot of hard work for 2 hours with 3 small kids.  I got pretty exhausted and it did cause me to fall behind on my other chores like dishes.   Here is the before of my Doodle’s room.


Here is the before of the boys’ room.


Yesterday we had outside activities so I fell behind again on working on the  “other” room.  I did put some items away in the dining room and I even cleaned up the family room a bit and vacuumed it.   It still needs more cleaning even after that quick clean up.   Then today the kids spilled a bag of popcorn all over the floor so I need to re-vaccum.  It is never ending!

My goal this weekend  is to get the office cleaned! My husband and I are on the same page to get it looking very clean and re-organized.  I plan on catching up on coupons and we plan on working together to get rid of papers we just don’t need to keep.   One that has continued to work well for us is our receipt envelopes which is part of our message board.    This method has saved us so much time and stress.  Yes, we have been doing this for over a year and it has worked!   As soon as we get a receipt for anything we put it in the monthly envelope and if we need it again we know exactly where to go!



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Update to Redberrydeals!

Hi to all of my readers. Welcome to 2013!

I have mentioned this in previous posts this last year and I thought I would get into more detail. 2012 was a great year for us. Watching our kids grow has been so rewarding. My husband and I have decided to create a company. I’m very excited. It will include several components to it including Redberrydeals and my passion for sewing and embroidery. I’m in the process of following the proper business creation procedures. I’ve been so busy with it that I’ve neglected adding the Shoppers Matchups each week. The time that took to prepare and post is more time then I have right now.   I will no longer add those matchups.

I’ve decided to limit my posts to Redberrydeals this year. I have some exciting ideas that I will try and create this year.

  • Posts about creating a small business.  The dos and don’ts.
  • Family Organization for 2013.  Since are family is now 5 members we have had to adjust quite a bit to little crawlers to now runners.  It is time to re-organize!   My goal is to make the house super simple.   Declutter, declutter and declutter.
  • More recipes.  I love sharing recipes and I love trying new ones too.
  • Share my new sewing and embroidery business as it gets moving forward.  It is a part-time at home business.  I truly believe you are most happy when you do things you love.
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Harbor Freight Finds!

Have you ever been to Harbor Freight?   I love Harbor Freight.  Of course 99% of the items are made in China.  It is so hard to find anything these days that isn’t made in China.   It is a great place to find inexpensive tools.   I find so many hand tools that I can use for organization, and crafts.

At this particular trip, I went in and got this very nice measuring tape for FREE with the store coupon!  (I believe a purchase was necessary.)  I also got a pack of my favorite 22 pack clamp set for $1.99.  They were on sale.  These clamps are fantastic to use all over the house.  I use them as chip clips, veggie clips, clothing clips, and so much more.  Recently, my daughter and I used them for a craft project to hold the paper together.

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Mark your Calendar! Northern Virginia Multi-Family Yard Sale – Saturday 4/28/12!

I’m super excited to share that we are participating in a yard sale in Northern Virginia (Fairfax County) Burke, VA.   Check it out!   

That’s why I’m not writing a lot of posts.  I’m trying to get ready for this sale.   It is amazing how freeing it is to go through things for a yard sale.   It’s definitely helping me get into the Organization 2012 mood.

Huge Multi-family Yard Sale!
Saturday, April 28, 2012 (4/28/12) 8AM-2PM
Koziara Dr.
Burke, VA Fairfax County

We are selling all sorts of things! And much much more!  Several other family houses will be participating on the street so a lot more things will be for sale!

Kitchen Items
Craft Items
Sewing Items including lots of thread
$1 fabric grab bags great for little projects or quilting
Quilting fabrics
Antique Sewing Machines for decorating
Quilting magazines
Maternity Clothing S, M
Women’s clothing S,M, L,XL
Men’s Clothing XL
Baby clothing Boys and Girls NewBorn-12 months+
Girl’s Toddler Clothing 2T-3T
Car Seats
Graco Car Seat Bases
Car products
Tool boxes

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Dollar Tree: $1 Finds for Housekeeping and All Made in the USA!

This week I ventured out with all 3 kids to the Dollar Tree, PetSmart and then Aldi for some grocery shopping.  The kids were wonderful!  I was hoping to do everything before lunch time but it was cutting it close.  I had to take a break for snacks and then again on our way home before we did lunch.    Next time, I promise myself we will leave earlier.  I’m a little fearful when the twins start walking because I’m sure they won’t want to stay in the stroller.

I went to Dollar Tree to check out some cleaning, organizational products, and pick up some yard sale supplies.  I was excited to find that they had their version of Oxyclean, a liquid Dishwasher soap and a black cleaning bucket.  The best part was each of these products are $1 (of course) and each of these products are made in the USA!  That is impressive to me and I wanted to share it with others.  I’ve become more and more aware of what and where everything is made lately.

Crystal Gel Automatic Dishwashing Detergent, 32 oz. Reviews on Dollar Tree

I will mention we have hard well water with a water softener and we don’t have a jet dry liquid dispenser on our dishwasher.  Our dishwasher is over 18 years old.  My stockpile on automatic dishwasher soap is very low right now and I haven’t seen great deals on dishwasher liquid or tabs, so this is a great alternative, if needed.  I tried the Dishwasher liquid called Crystal Gel and I will admit it didn’t clean as well as the other brands that I typically use.  I will have to purchase the solid Jet dry to use in our dishwasher when I try it again.  The reviews online are 50/50 on good and bad.  So I suggest give it a try.  I’ve heard the Sun dishwasher powder sold at Dollar Tree is also good but I believe it contains phosphates like most powdered dishwasher soaps.   I’m trying to avoid phosphates but then again they do soften the water and keep things clean.

LA’s Totally Awesome Power Oxygen Base Cleaner, 16 oz. Reviews on Dollar Tree

I just tried the Oxygen Base Cleaner and it worked great. The clothes look as clean as if I used Oxyclean or the Sun version I get at Biglots and for a $1 it is a great bargain.   It is hard to find great deals on Oxyclean.

Utility Pail, 12-qt.Reviews on Dollar Tree

Last but not least my black bucket.  I really like this bucket, I think because it is black.  I love black furniture. Since I’m working on reorganizing my laundry room I’m so excited to get this to have on hand when needed.   Besides you can’t see any stains on it.  Now, one idea that came to me is why not use it as a trashcan in my laundry room and when needed take the bag out?   What do you think?

What great finds have you found at the dollar store lately?

Note:  These are my personal opinions that I wanted to share.  I’m not an affiliate of this store or products.
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Washington Post Inserts 3/25/12


This week in the Washington Post there is a Smart Source, Red Plum and the Hasbro Play Saver.

Check out the Parade magazine!  2 coupons included:

  • Zegerid OTC $6 off 42 ct only exp 7/31/12
  • Kerasal Nail Fungal Nail Renewal Treatment $2 off on one 10 mil tube exp 4/30/12

There is a Pier1 imports $10 off a $50 purchase expires 4/7/12!

Check out the Staples ad this week:

  • Get 100% back on Staples Rewards for 16/pack Duracell AA or AAA batteries Reg $12.99 limit 2 per customer.  While supplies last.  Use the $1/1 coupon from 3/4/12 P&G insert.  Final Price:  $11.99 each and then get 100% back in Staples Rewards!
  • Get 100% back in Staples Rewards for a ream of HammerMill Copy Plus copy paper Reg. $5.99
  • Free sunday – wednesday Staples Pastel paper FREE after Easy rebate
  • FREE sunday-Wednesday HP everyday photo paper FREE after Easy rebate
  • 25% off all Arc customizable notebooks.  – If you haven’t heard of it check it out.  This is a similar organization system like Levenger’s Circa and it is lot cheaper.  I find it works really well to keep my paperwork organized.
  • See the ad for more $1 deals!