Dollar Tree: $1 Finds for Housekeeping and All Made in the USA!

This week I ventured out with all 3 kids to the Dollar Tree, PetSmart and then Aldi for some grocery shopping.  The kids were wonderful!  I was hoping to do everything before lunch time but it was cutting it close.  I had to take a break for snacks and then again on our way home before we did lunch.    Next time, I promise myself we will leave earlier.  I’m a little fearful when the twins start walking because I’m sure they won’t want to stay in the stroller.

I went to Dollar Tree to check out some cleaning, organizational products, and pick up some yard sale supplies.  I was excited to find that they had their version of Oxyclean, a liquid Dishwasher soap and a black cleaning bucket.  The best part was each of these products are $1 (of course) and each of these products are made in the USA!  That is impressive to me and I wanted to share it with others.  I’ve become more and more aware of what and where everything is made lately.

Crystal Gel Automatic Dishwashing Detergent, 32 oz. Reviews on Dollar Tree

I will mention we have hard well water with a water softener and we don’t have a jet dry liquid dispenser on our dishwasher.  Our dishwasher is over 18 years old.  My stockpile on automatic dishwasher soap is very low right now and I haven’t seen great deals on dishwasher liquid or tabs, so this is a great alternative, if needed.  I tried the Dishwasher liquid called Crystal Gel and I will admit it didn’t clean as well as the other brands that I typically use.  I will have to purchase the solid Jet dry to use in our dishwasher when I try it again.  The reviews online are 50/50 on good and bad.  So I suggest give it a try.  I’ve heard the Sun dishwasher powder sold at Dollar Tree is also good but I believe it contains phosphates like most powdered dishwasher soaps.   I’m trying to avoid phosphates but then again they do soften the water and keep things clean.

LA’s Totally Awesome Power Oxygen Base Cleaner, 16 oz. Reviews on Dollar Tree

I just tried the Oxygen Base Cleaner and it worked great. The clothes look as clean as if I used Oxyclean or the Sun version I get at Biglots and for a $1 it is a great bargain.   It is hard to find great deals on Oxyclean.

Utility Pail, 12-qt.Reviews on Dollar Tree

Last but not least my black bucket.  I really like this bucket, I think because it is black.  I love black furniture. Since I’m working on reorganizing my laundry room I’m so excited to get this to have on hand when needed.   Besides you can’t see any stains on it.  Now, one idea that came to me is why not use it as a trashcan in my laundry room and when needed take the bag out?   What do you think?

What great finds have you found at the dollar store lately?

Note:  These are my personal opinions that I wanted to share.  I’m not an affiliate of this store or products.