Babies R Us Rewards Night 10/28/09

bru_hdrLogoSorry for not posting this sooner.  Time sure does fly when you are a busy full time working Mom.  I have so many posts I want to write about and I try to post as much as I can but I forget or just get too busy.

Way back when I posted about the Babies R Us rewards night.  Click HERE to see the post.  I actually had the opportunity to go!  I was hoping to find some really good deals.  It seemed that several people were talking about it online.   But, was it worth it?   I didn’t see much on clearance and I didn’t see any other special deals.

This is what I got.   Tell me what do you think?

3 – All Purpose 7th Generation Cleaner for $3.03 each (see more coupons below)

Originially $5.49 – $1.67 promo coupon (buy 3 get $5 off) – $0.79 promo coupon ($3 off any purchase at Rewards night)

3 – Holiday Halloween T-shirts I found on discount – I always look at clearance aisles $.81 each

Originially $1.20 – $.18 promo coupon (15% off ANY clothing item) – $.21 promo coupon ($3 off any purchase at Rewards night)

I happened to have with me 2 – 7th Generation manu. coupons!  I should have clipped them before I got there but I didn’t think I would have gone for the deal and thanks to my Couponizer, I had 2 coupons in there.   -$2 manu. coupons

Total = $10.36


In regards to the 7th generation cleaner, I wasn’t happy to see that the bottles had been on the shelf for a long time and no wonder they are $5.49 each!  The bottles were very dirty.   I was skeptical to get them.  After I looked at other items in the store I decided since there was no expiration date on them and they promise to be really good quality I thought I would try this deal.   So, far since I bought them I’ve been very happy with them.  It seems to be the best cleaner to clean up greasy surfaces that I have ever tried.  Maybe it is just me but they seem to work.  Plus, no fragrance or dyes!  Got to love that.   Tell me what you think.