Biglot: Cheap Makeup Finds



Thanks to G from Nouveaucheap!    I love G’s blog because she has some great tips and tricks on drugstore makeup.   She found out that Big Lots has some Loreal lip gloss, Wet N Wild eyeshadow and Revlon Lip Butters for a half the price or less than at the drugstore.    I also found the new Covergirl makeup for $4.   That isn’t a bad price.  I don’t think I could get it for that price with sales and coupons at CVS.

Most of these items are seasonal, which means it was in the drugstore for a couple months then returned to the manufacture who sold it to Big Lots  or sold from the retailer to Big Lots.

What impresses me is I can do my makeup now and spend what it would have cost to buy 1 eyeshadow pot from MAC.   Crazy!   I love good deals!