Boater’s World Going Out of Business Sale

img_0837Look at this stuff!   Boater’s World is going out of business and this was the last day.  My husband had been stopping by for the last couple of weeks buying things when he saw them.  One of the things that he saw that caught his attention was the SodaStream makers.  We bought the first one at around $50 normally over $100.  Then after showing it to others he went back and got a couple more for prices at $40 – $20.  Then today when he stopped it they were down to $9!  He already has friends and family that want them.

To name a few. He also found some great deals on antennas ($2-$5 a piece),  GPS covers ($2), Metal Filter ($12), Hitches ($2-$4) and Brackets ($.75).   A lot of this stuff will be sold on ebay.

Total spent: $263.99

Estimated Retail value: $2000.00

Savings: 87%