Costco Kirkland Diapers $5 in-store coupon Great price

If you are a member of Costco, this is a great deal on diapers!  Click HERE for more information.

Limited Time Offer:

$5 in-store coupon – Valid for orders placed March 11, 2010 through April 3, 2010.  While supplies last.

**The $5 manufacturer’s discount will automatically be deducted at checkout.
State law may require sales tax to be charged on the pre-discounted price
if the product is
subject to sales tax.

You want what is best for your baby and your wallet, try new KIRKLAND Signature Supreme diapers.

Size 1-2, 216 diapers $39.99 – $5 = $34.99  or $.16 a diaper

Size 3, 208 diapers $49.99 – $5 = $44.99 or $.22 a diaper

Size 4, 186 diapers $49.99 – $5 = $44.99 or $.24 a diaper

Size 5, 168 diapers $49.99 – $5 = $44.99 or $.27 a diaper

Size 6, 135 diapers $49.99 – $5 = $44.99 or $.33 a diaper

Product features include:

Advanced shaping:  Provides baby with outstanding fit and comfort.

All around stretch: Delivers custom comfortable fit and containment around the waist, back and legs.  Maintains shape even during active playtime.

Super Absorbency:  Outstanding leakage protection, good for daytime and nighttime use.

Hypoallergenic: Does not contain natural rubber latex

Custom designs:  Two fun trendy designs in every box, scenic and contemporary for fashion conscious baby.  Unique animal icon for each size, clearly identifies each step size.

Ultra soft comfort: Soft materials on the inside and outside of diaper are gentle on tender skin.

Now available in Size 6: Costco members requested a Size 6, these are now available and fit children who are 35 lbs and over.  Got to love that!

My girlfriend Ruth just mentioned this in a comment earlier.  Thanks Ruth!