CVS Black Friday Trip 2 – 11/28/2008

Ok, so I got excited after I did that first trip. I really wanted the Complete Multi-Purpose solution because I needed it. I decided to run up to my 24 hour CVS. Sure enough they were out of the razors but they had the Complete Multi-Purpose solution. In addition, I decided to do the AMEX deal!

Transaction 1

3 AMEX $25 Gift Cards $25

3 AMEX Card Fee $3.95

Total OOP $86.85 (paid with CC)

ECB $10

Will now fill out MIR (Mail In Rebate) for $15 Gas card!

Profit=86.85-10(ECB)-15(Gas Card)-75(Value of Gift Cards)=$13.15-.42 (stamp) = $12.73!!!

Transaction 2

2 Complete Multi-Purpose Solutions $8.99 each -$2.00 Each ECB $8.99

1 Aussie shampoo $2.99 -$1.00 ECB $2.99

1 Playtex Comfort Glide $3.99 -$1.00 ECB $3.00

1 Colgate Total $2.99 – $1.50 (from ALL You Mag Nov) ECB $2.99

2 Gaterade G2 $1.49 Each -$2/$1.00 ECB $1.49 Each

1 Peppermint Patty .50 (no coupons) I had to get this because as I handed over my coupons I noticed I was going to go over because I decided to use the $1.50 Colgate coupon. My husband loves these!


-8.99 ECB previous transaction Maybelline Foundation

-3.79 ECB previous transaction Sally Hansen Nail Polish

-5.00 ECB previous transaction

Tax .09

Total OOP $0.24 Used GC OOP 0.00

ECBs Total $26.96


Here is a picture of all of my CVS purchases on 11/28/2008.

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