CVS Shopping Trip 10/10/09


CVS_101009Cost: $2.67 OOP $6.67 ECBs $9

Saturday was a busy day!  My daughter and I went to both Rite Aid and CVS.

Here is a little information on why CVS shopping can be so worth it.  I got all of this for under $3 but you will notice that I got some products that I might not need.  Right now I have a pretty good stockpile of shampoo, conditioner, soap, nail polish and toothpaste,  but because these items were free or close to free it helped me get the diapers that I needed for really cheap!  I can take these products donate them, give them away, stockpile them or  use them for other purposes.  There are some great blogs that talk about other uses for products like my husband can use the nailpolish for his car projects, the shampoo can be used for cleaning toilets, and conditioner can be used for shaving.  See some other suggestions on RedemptionUnlimited.

At CVS I got the following:

1 Huggies Jumbo pack diapers $8.99
Used -$1.50 mailer coupon

1 Reinventing Beauty $.99
I found this at the end of the aisle right when you come in the beauty section.  I was thrilled because it had the Viologie coupon 1/$2 in it and this was the current issue expires 11/30/09.

2 Viologie B1G1 $3.99 (Shampoo and Conditioner)
Used -$2 from Reinventing Beauty and Used -$1 from sample I had from a CVS trip earlier.

1 Tone 2/pk. $1.88 Get $1 ECB
Used -$1 Tone Body Wash or Bar Soap
I wasn’t sure the price because the shelf said something else like $2.49.  Make sure you price check at the red machine before you buy!

1 Colgate Total $2.99  Get $2 ECB
Used -$1.50 from All You March

2 Revlon Nail Polish $4.99 B1G1   Huh? ($3.99 each Get $3 ECB)
Used -$1 Revlon Color Cosmetic SS 9/13 for each Polish
I had an issue with the assistant manager like others have said about using these coupons for nail polish.  I need to find some document from Revlon saying it is ok to use these coupons for any cosmetic.   Anyway, it was suppose to be $3.99 each and get back $3 ECBs.  Well, it turns out that my store at 11:43AM already started the next weeks sale early!   I just called CVS 1-800-746-7287 and totally confused the lady on the other end, however, she was so nice and helpful!  She credited my account for $6 ECBS!    I love CVS!  I plan on writing to them to thank them for the best customer service ever.

I used a -$4/20

Total: $23.83

Subtotal: $11.67

Used $5 ECBs (includes extra care rewards $1)

OOP $6.67 used GCs 0.00

Got back $3 ECB

After calling will get back $6 ECB

Cost: $2.67 OOP $6.67 ECBs $9