CVS Shopping Trip 1/9/2009

They were out of the Cottonelle toilet paper.  Always a good idea to go in the beginning of the week for good deals.

I instead bought one more Similac formula with Nana’s card and a J&J Baby Oil.

1 Similac 22.99

Johnson & Johnson Baby products like Baby Oil is on sale for $2.99


-$1.00 Similac powder

-$1.00 any J&J baby product

-$1.50 CVS any J&J baby product (received in the mail this week)

-11.98 ECB

-2.00 ECB

OOP 5.65

-5 Similac check (Always have an issue some of the cashiers know how to use it and some don’t.  This cashier changed it to a $5 coupon)

OOP .65 including tax.  Used GC.  OOP 0.00