CVS Shopping Trip 2/4/2009

I’ve been away for a while because everyone in my family seems to have gotten sick.  My husband and I got the stomach flu and it was horrible.  I don’t wish that on anyone.   Remember to wash your hands all of the time!

I went to CVS to pick up a prescription for my daughter.  She has an ear infection.  I got a $25 gift card with a new or transfer prescription coupon that I got at the Red coupon machine from my Nana’s card!  I have over $130 in gift cards.  (Because of all of the prescriptions I’ve had to be on in the last couple of weeks.)  Several of the stores in my area like Safeway, and Giant have coupons in their ad for $25 to $30 gift card for a new or transfer prescription.

At the Red coupon machine on my card I got a lot of great CRTs.

1 Excedrin 10 Ct 2.49

1 CVS Total Care 10 oz lotion 2.99 (should have been 2.49 but I didn’t notice until later)

1 CVS Cough drops 30 Ct 1.19

Coupons Used

CVS coupon -1.00 for any Excedrin

CVS coupon -1.00 for any CVS lotion except trial (The cashier kept saying that it didn’t match my card.  I explained that I just got it from the machine today.  She finally agreed.  I later called CVS to let them know of the issue and they said they would investigate.  They also were very nice and have offered to give me a free product.  Will check the machine tomorrow.)

CVS coupon -1.29 for any FREE CVS Cough drops

OOP Total 3.38 used GC 0.00


2.49 Excedrin

1.00 CVS Total Care lotion

Profit $0.11

Should have been $0.61