CVS Shopping Trip 6/20/10

First let me say Happy Father’s Day!   My hubby had a great day staying at home getting things done that HE wanted to.  I got to spend the day with my daughter and my parents.  It was a very busy and hot day in NOVA.

I was lucky enough to get out and stop at CVS all by myself.  My daughter definitely isn’t the age to understand going to store and waiting Mommy to get her transactions straight.

Here are the two transactions I did today with 2 different cards.

At the CRT Red coupon machine I got a $4/$20 coupon!
A week or so ago I also got a CRT for the $3 off a box of Huggies with that same card.

I bought 1 Huggies Snug and Dry diapers size 5 – 70 diapers.
I used the $3 off a Huggies Snug and Dry 60 count or larger diapers coupon
I used the CRT for $3 off a box of Huggies.

Huggies Snug & Dry or Little Movers (56-96 ct.), $19.99
Get $10 ECBs (Limit 1)
$3/1 Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers printable
$1.50/1 Huggies Little Snugglers/Movers, exp. 7-17 (SS 6/20/10)
As low as $6.99 ea. after coupon, and ECBs!
$3/1 Huggies CRT
As low as $3.99 ea. after coupon, ECBs and CRT!

I bought 2 Powerbar Pure and Simple

Powerbar Pure and Simple $.99 Earn .99 ECBs Limit 2
=FREE after ECBs!

Before coupons $21.97
After coupons above my total is $11.97!
I also had an extra $2 Extra Care bucks.
My total OOP was $9.97 + tax!

Get back $10 for Huggies and $1.98 for the Powerbar!  I just got paid to buy diapers.

My second transaction was the following:

I received a $5 off a $25 purchase in my email from CVS.

I bought 1 Aquify which is a 2 pack.  This is the best price for contact solution after coupons and ECBs.  That makes it $2 a bottle.
I used the $3 off AQuify Contact Solution.

Aquify, ClearCare, Genteal Eye Products, $8.99
Get $2 ECBs (Limit 1)
$1.50/1 GenTeal Product, exp. 8-31-10 (SS 05/09/10)
$3/1 Clear Care or AQuify Contact Solution, exp. 6-30-10 (SS 05/09/10)
As low as $3.99 ea. after coupon and ECBs!

I bought 1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor the one without the battery since it comes with 2 blades.
I used the $4/1 Gillette Coupon. I gave this to my Mom to try out since these are really nice razors.
Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor, $9.97
Get $5 ECB (Limit 1)
$4/1 Gillette Fusion Razor, exp. 7-31-10 (P&G 06/06/10)
$0.97 ea. after coupon and ECBs!

I bought 1 Shampoo and 1 Conditioner of Pantene Pro-V.
I used 2 – $1 off Pantene Product from the Parade magazine. I luckily got 2 of those coupons. I gave this to my Mom who really likes Pantene.

Pantene Pro-V Hair Care Products, 2/$6.97
Get $2 ECBS wyb 2 (Limit 1)
$1/2 Pantene Product, exp. 7-31-10 (SS 06/13/10)
$1/2 Pantene Product, exp. 7-31-10 (P&G 06/06/10)
$1/1 Pantene Product, exp. 6-30-10 (Parade 05/23/10)
As low as $1.48 ea. wyb 2 after coupons and ECBs!

I bought 2 of the Powerbar Pure and Simple bars.

Powerbar Pure and Simple $.99 Earn .99 ECBs Limit 2
=FREE after ECBs!

$27.91 Before coupons
-$5/$25 purchase
After coupons = $13.91 + tax
Used a couple ECBs including a $8, $2 and $4 that was pushed down to $3.91.
I paid tax which was $1.01
I got back $2 for Pantene, $1.98 for the bars, $5 for the Gillette Razor and $2 for the Aquify.

Thanks to DealseekingMom!

What deals did you get at CVS?