CVS Shopping Trip 7/18 – Photo Books! Great Gifts..Maybe!


This was a little crazy but we did it!  It took a lot longer than my husband and I planned.  That’s life!  With a toddler in tow we did it in a couple hours by going to 2 different CVSs.  We got 4 photobooks for FREE!  OOP= 0.00!

We went to one of my favorite CVSs which is not much of a favorite anymore.  The red coupon machine has been hacked into, seriously, it has the windows desktop on the screen and has been like that for a couple months.  My husband chuckled at it and even tried to see if he could get the program to run.  He had no luck.

Our purpose was to get the FREE photobooks.  I had some ECBs that I wanted to roll over.  $27.49 to be exact! This was a great deal since I could get 4 of them and then get ECBs back.  I even had a $5/$30 coupon! Moneymaker!  This was going to be great.  However, just as I thought I would have such luck.

The Kodak machine didn’t work correctly and then the printer for the machine wasn’t working.  The photo tech was clueless and spent about a half hour trying to get the machine to work, and we all thought he knew what he was doing.  Then he saw our error on the Kodak machine and said we can’t make photobooks.  I showed him the sign and he looked like a deer in the headlights.  He even deleted our print job.  I told him I would go to a different CVS.  He didn’t really understand.  We left.  I was going to give up and my husband said let’s try a different one.  Off we did with my dear daughter smiling and giggling.

We went to another CVS and my husband went in first.  I told him to ask first to make sure they can make them. Big smart smile on my face for thinking that first!  I collected my daughter and we went in.  There my husband was arranging the pictures and before I knew in minutes the printer was ready to print.

After about a half hour or so of printing 4 books a total of 40 pages!  It was done.  However, I wasn’t done yet, I needed the photo tech to put them in books.  She said it would take her about 10 minutes to complete.  I was excited because I could walk around and use the red coupon machine that worked!  I got some great CRTS including a $10/$50 that I was thinking about using and THANKFULLY didn’t use because it would have put me over the $40 ECBs per transaction and CVS may or may not be a stickler for that rule.

My husband took our daughter with him to some of the other stores in the shopping mall and even ordered some dinner.  We all were tired and hungry.  Needed a treat anyway.   Before I knew it, there was another customer that needed the photo tech’s help.  That took another 10 minutes.  Maybe I’m over exaggerating but it took several hours before we got home.

4 Photo Books $7.99



OOP 0.00

ECB $31.96

Profit = $4.47

The funny part is the picture we set up as our front page is really cute of the 3 of us but when the cover is on the page my poor husband’s head is cut off.  The thought is to make the hole larger..we will see.  It will be an event we will always remember! Doubt we will do that again.