CVS Trip 5/28/10

How do moms do it?    I’m a mom of one child and I still don’t know how moms do it.   Dare, I say that I took my toddler to CVS today for a quick run!  I got out of there as fast as I could but she wanted to “play”. I have to admit it is fun to look around at CVS but keeping a toddler under control is tough.  My daughter loved the CVS coupon machine so that worked out for a minute then she decided to run around and try and open everything she could get her hands on.  It was tough.

I had 2 coupons that expired this week a $2 ECB and a $3 CVS coupon on any purchase.   I was so bummed out.  I decided to go in and ask nicely if they would allow me to use the coupons even though they expired.  I was nearby and thought I could try.  The cashier was sooooooo nice!  She said, “No problem because they expired this week.” I have to admit the ECB was with my “Nana’s card” and the coupon was with my card.

Lesson 1:   If an ECB expires this week then ask the cashier (before you shop) if you can use it.  You never know they might let you.

Lesson 2Try not to let your ECBs expire.  Write them down on your calendar or in an email calendar so it can send you reminders.

I bought with Nana’s card the following:

1 pack of Huggies Swim diapers which rang up for $6.99!   I didn’t realize that they were on sale.   I then used the $1.50 IP coupon and then $2 CVS coupon and last but not least the $2 expired ECB.  I paid $1.49!   Wow!

I bought with my card the following:

I had a coupon for $3 off a $3 purchase that expired and I picked up some CVS baby wipes  (easy when you are next to them in the store and the toddler is running around) that were discounted to $3.96.  Perfect spend $.96 right?!  However, it rang up for $2.67!   So, the wonderful cashier said that she could push it to $2.67!  Perfect!  I paid!  $0.00  Gosh, I love that CVS!

My daughter at that point in time found the CVS candy and bubble gum containers and I was telling her to put them back.  *sigh*   I think I grew a couple more gray hairs.   Tell me what do you do with your toddler when you go to CVS?  Do you take him or her?  Or do you leave them with a babysitter/Daddy? I told my husband this is why Moms run errands when Daddy can watch them.  He doesn’t believe me.

Lesson 3:  Find a babysitter!

2 thoughts on “CVS Trip 5/28/10

  • Sometimes I will take my kids with me shopping. I prefer to wait until Daddy can watch them though! Harris Teeter is easier for me to manage them as they have free cookies and a balloons. I bribe them! Yes, they can have a cookie at the start of the trip and if they are good they get a balloon. The whole time I constantly say “sit down so you can get your balloon. Don’t touch each other so you can get a balloon. etc…”

    I also found that it is much easier if you do not let them out of the cart. When you enter the store put them in the cart and DO NOT let them out! Once they are out, it’s over! My husband was with me one day and I told him the deal with the cart. After a bit of whining he took the kids out of the cart. He quickly learned what a mistake that was!

    Good Luck!
    .-= Renae @ Madame Deals ´s last blog ..Disney Alice in Wonderland Blu-Ray/ DVD Combo $10 Coupon =-.

    • LOL I love Harris Teeter shopping because the balloon, cookie bribing and even the fun carts. My issue has been getting her in the cart in the first place. She knows! She has a full tantrum in the store – arms out, legs kicking and screaming as I try and convince her in a calm Motherly way. Then I let her cry and scream and she learns defeat and actually has a good time. Never do I let her out until we are done! I knew the CVS trip was going to be fast so I didn’t even think about the cart and at that store (my favorite store) they do have car carts and I should have taken advantage of that.

      What did our Mother’s do when we were little? Stay at home?

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