CVS Trips on 12/12/2008

All of us were sick with the cold this weekend.  Friday I hoped to get some errands done but instead spent the day on the couch with the baby.  That evening my dear husband took the three of us out to run some of the errands.  We went to one CVS to return a prescription and went to another to pick one up.  I’m going to write a post about this later but if you are a bargain shopper you MUST train your spouse not to buy things off the list.  My dear husband loves to shop.

When I returned my prescription, I bought some pedialyte for our daughter.

2 Pedialyte 5.49 each

-4 ECB

-5/2 Pedialyte liters

Tax .17

OOP 2.15  (Should have used GC!)

The cashier was so nice she said she could push down the ECB.   But I was so tired and sick that I said,”No, I can use other ECBs and pay the rest in cash.” I didn’t realize that if I used the $6 ECB it would have made my cost go like this.

After coupon -$5

SubTotal: $5.98 (doesn’t show on the screen)

-$6 ECB

-.02 OOP  (She could have pushed that down!)

After I paid my $2 (which is still a good deal for pedialyte I realized my mistake and thanked her for her help!  I was so excited to know that, that my CVS will do that.)

Afterwards my family and I went to our other CVS and my husband and daughter joined me.

I picked up my prescription used a $25 GC coupon for a new prescription.  Had no problems using that.  Thanks

I heart CVS!

Then my husband and I looked at buying a humidifer for our daughter we had the mist kind and thought the warm kind would work better.   I decided to also do the battery deal.  Taught my husband to check the coupon expiration dates!  He thought they expired but they didn’t.  Woohoo!    The only issue is he found a remote control car he could use the remote for a LARGE TANK he has at home.  Yes, my dear husband is a techie.  Got to love him.  The car cost $14.99, so I asked him if I could give it to him for Xmas.  He agreed.  Of course that would wipe out my ECBs.

Another thing to mention, if you are not feeling well you can make mistakes with ECBs.  I sure did!  Look at this next transaction

4 AA-8 Pack Batteries 5.99 each

1 Amphibug Stunt Car $14.99

2 CVS 1 Gal Humdifiers 14.99 each (OOP!  It scanned it twice and I didn’t catch it until after I walked out the door!  Good thing I caught it.)

1 Distilled gal wter 1.39

1 Kaz Inhalent 4 oz 4.99

CVS coupon:

$5/$15!  Use in 3 days only coupon!  What an amazing coupon. Came out of the red coupon machine!

ECB used:







Coupons used:

-1 battery

-1 battery

-1 battery

-1 battery

Tax 1.20

tax .03

Total 15.61 used GC (OOP 0.00)

Then I had to walk in to get the money back for the extra humidifer!

Got a Money Card for $15.74

Earned ECB  $10 (Battery deal spend $20 get $10)