Day #1 – 30 Day Cleaning Challenge

Day #1

I’m going for it!  I’m going to challenge myself by following the 31 Day Cleaning Challenge with Money Saving Mom.     She is using the chart from Fresh and Organized.

Per Money Saving Mom:

Your project for today is to surface clean your living room and kitchen.

  1. I plan on cleaning the kitchen counters and even turn the self-cleaning on the oven.
  2. Empty the dishwasher
  3. Put the food purchases from Sam’s Club away
  4. Clean the top bar of the kitchen counter
  5. Mop the floor in the Living room.


The kitchen looks a bit better.  There are still some items on the left hand side that need to put in their proper places and I’ve decided the hubby will take on those items.


I have the list of the 30 day challenge in a plastic sleeve with my dry erase markers.    I also have the drink 8 glasses a day chart and behind the 30 day challenge I have the list from A Bowl Full of Lemons – PDF file Daily List of Chores here.

These dry erase markers are so handy and they were from the Dollar Store.


I also did the self-cleaning in the oven.  It had been at least year since we last had done this.  Good time of year to do it right before the weather got warm and used the heat to help heat the house.   I plan on clean it out the last of the dust tomorrow.


The living room looks so nice!  I’m hoping this picture will keep me motivated to keep it that way.   It also gets me thinking of ways to get it simpler.   Just last week it had a lot of toys including a toy kitchen and puzzles which have now moved to the basement.   Those days will be the challenge!

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