Does anyone know of places that sell bulk food?

I was just reading‘s post about her shopping trip this week and purchasing Bulk food from a local store that just sells bulk food at great prices.  I’m super excited about this because in some cases it is a lot cheaper and healthier.

Do you know of a store in the Washington metro area (Northern Virginia, DC, or Maryland) that sells bulk food?

I did a little research and found a place in Harrisonburg, Virginia that is a couple hours away.   The prices are really good.  A great stockpiling place!  I’m curious of the cost of shipping.

“Sucanat, Natural – priced per Pound” $1.69
Unrefined Sugar – (Demerara) – Priced per Pound $1.39
Occident Flour – Unbleached – Priced per Pound $0.69

Anybody purchased from them before?