Feeling Better

This last week my daughter got a 24 hour bug and is now feeling better. I hope to catch up and read the good deals and post again soon. In the meantime, a couple lessons I learned while she was sick.

1. The forehead thermometers aren’t accurate. Every time we used it we would get different results. The digital thermometers work the best.

2. Simply Saline spray for babies is a must have. It works great for their small noses. I got mine for free because RiteAid had a lot of cold medicines back in October for free after rebate. Plus, there is a coupon Simply Saline Nasal Product, Any – 11-16-08 SS exp 12/31/09.

3. The nose suction bulb has been a lifesaver. I truly believe cleaning out the nose is the only way to prevent infections.

4. Warm steamy showers are fantastic for clearing out the lungs and nose.

5. Cool mist humidifier is an easy way to keep the air moist.