Free Oil at PepBoys – Great Deal!

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If you buy 5 quarts of Peak Oil and get 1 ProLine Filter it will cost $9.99 plus tax.  The rebate is for $9.99.  You can do this rebate twice.  (Not sure if you have to fill out 2 rebate forms.)

Now, The Thrifty Mama mentioned that there is a $10/30 coupon right now at PepBoys.   The coupon says you can’t combine it with the rebate.

On Sunday, 4/5 my husband and I went there picked up the oil, filters and a hitch (he needed).

Subtotal $31.97  tax $1.11

-$10 coupon

OOP $23.08

The transaction goes like this:

10 Peak Oil $2.99 each

-0.52 Item discount each

-1.32 Store coupon each

2 ProLine $2.89

-0.51 Item discount each

-1.27 Store coupon each

1 Ball Chrome $11.99

-$3.75 Store coupon

OOP $23.08

My husband mentioned that this oil is a great price so using the coupon with the oil is a great.   He is interested in going back this weekend and stocking up on some more and without the coupon and using the rebate.  We are going to pick up an extra rebate form.

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