Frugal Bloggers Rule

Here is an interesting article in the Associate Press this week about the Old Navy coupons and Frugal Mom blogs. I’m impressed that both the press and industries are finally noticing the blogs and frugal saving Moms like us.    I’m hoping this will mean more coupons will appear either online or in the newspapers.  They have to notice that coupon usage and attention to coupons like Old Navy weekly coupons is so popular.  I’m telling my friends about it everyday.  More people I know who would normally NOT use a coupon are interested now.

Stores, brands tap into power of frugal bloggers By ANNE D’INNOCENZIO
Here are some interesting highlights:
When Melissa Garcia was frustrated by Old Navy’s scanty coupon offerings, she didn’t just complain to the store. She vented on a message board tied to her blog, which is read by at least 30,000 people each month and now, increasingly, by corporate America.Within weeks, chatter in the so-called mommy blogosphere led Gap Inc.’s Old Navy to begin issuing coupons several times a week, instead of just once a week….
More than 12 percent of all posts on mom-oriented blogs during March and April included mentions of the economy and saving money, up from 8 percent a year earlier, according to Nielsen Online, which has studied 10,000 parenting blogs….

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