Frugal ways to save for Babies – Swim Diapers, Diaper cream

Now that I have twins and a soon to be 3 year old.  My life is focused on children.  My blog has been focused on it to.  It sort of seems obvious for me.  Right now all I’m thinking about is feedings, and diaper changes.

Here are some awesome blog posts that I came across and thought you should read.  Feel free to pass on to others.

  •  – Reuse disposable swim diapers – This makes perfect sense.  Since disposable swim diapers cost about $.50 it makes sense to get as much out of them as you can.
  • – Make your own Triple Paste – I’m a huge fan of Triple Paste.  I recently used my $1.00 internet coupons at Walmart to get 1 oz for $6.49 but that is still so expensive.  I have bought several HUGE containers of CVS brand desitins and my daughter accidentally dropped it so I need to use the container up.  What a perfect way to use it but to make it into Triple Paste.  So far I’ve used it on my sons and it works amazing!  The cost is pennies since the HUGE 16 oz container of CVS brand desitin cost me $3 before ECBs!
  • Life with A&W – Registry Recommendation for Twins – This is a great list of ideas of what to register for or to look out for at yard sales when you have twins.
  • Life with A&W – Freebies for Multiples – On my very long to do list I plan on writing to companies about my multiples.  Here is a list of companies to write to to get freebies.

More sites to come.  Let me know of other links of interesting frugal things for babies or toddlers that I can share.