Giant Shopping Trip – 3/19/10 – saved 63%

This weekend was a super busy weekend for my family.  I had those $5 and $3 catalina coupons from last week’s Giant trip that was to expire on 3/20/10, so I ran in Giant at 8:00 AM with my daughter (she drove the red car cart) and was able to do the General Mills catalina deal.  MoneyWiseMoms has a great post about it HERE.

I spent out of pocket $12.72 and got a $10 catalina to use on my next purchase. This is what it all means to save.

If you haven’t gone yet here is some good news to make this deal even sweeter!  My friend Ruth mentioned as a comment that there is a new booklet of coupons at Giant available at the customer service desk called “Spring Savings”, you CAN stack these with the manufacturer coupons and get the $10 catalina.    Check out her comment HERE.

2 – Bisquick Baking Mix 40oz $2.88 (shelf price $3.59). Print a .60 off coupon.

2 – Gold Medal unbleached flour $2 each

2 – Betty Crocker Muffin Mix $2.50 (shelf price $3.19). You can print a .50 off coupon at, but it’s a manu coupon so it can be used at any store.  The logo now doesn’t even appear!

2 – Yoplait Kids Yogurt 6 pack or Go-Gurt 8 pack $2.50 (shelf price $2.79). There’s a .40 off 1 and .80/2 coupon available.

2 – Yoplait Yo-Plus Lowfat Yogurt 4 pack $2.00 (shelf price $2.50). Use this printable $1.00 off coupon.

3.44 lbs Bananas $2

2 – Goyo Lima Beans $.84 each

Used by $5 and $3 catalina

Total before savings $33.00

Total Savings $20.66

Total OOP $12.72

Received the $10 General Mills Catalina

2 thoughts on “Giant Shopping Trip – 3/19/10 – saved 63%

  • That is awesome! You go girl. That is fantastic.

    I hope I can go again one of these evenings after work. I definitely want to get some of those “Spring Savings” books. I’ll email you but can you send me a list of the coupons and amounts, of course, if you have time!

    When you send them I’ll post your pics. Thanks for posting.

  • heyruthie

    Today, i went and tried out my couponing for the very first time. I did what Money Wise Mom did: several different transactions, and rolling the Catalina. Admittedly, I was not organized enough, or I would have saved even more (I think I missed a few coupons.) The cashier had to push basically all of them through, since they almost all beeped. In all my 4 transactions, I spent OOP only obo. $21. my total before savings (sales, coupons, Catalinas) was over $85. I will email you pics, and the exact $$ amts. Almost everything in the “Spring Savings” book is part of the promo. I’m actually going back again tomorrow, since I have another $10 catalina, and I didn’t get everything I wanted b/c I lacked a few printable coupons (plus 2 antsy little girls with me!) ~Ruth

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