Giant Shopping Trip 4/22/2009

My daughter is such a trooper.  She loves to go shopping and watch the people.  I went to Giant yesterday with my daughter to do my plan that I listed the other day.  I’m so silly! I’ve learned my lesson make sure you PRINT out or write down the amounts that you plan to buy.  I went up to the cashier rang up my items and the total was over $12!  The bags didn’t get taken off.  What happened?

Well, my total was only $11 and some cents – not $15.  I forgot to buy another Scotts tissue.   I couldn’t remember on top of my head what I planned to buy as the other item.  So, I asked the cashier if I could go back and find the extra item or cancel the transaction.  The manager stopped by and was so nice, he said,  “No problem, let’s save the transaction and you can go back and get your items.”

I went back and saw the “rebate” for the Scotts products (get $2 coupon when you by 3 products).  I decided I would get the paper towels.  (Should have gotten the tissue but I couldn’t find my other coupon.)   The paper towels were buy 3 for $5.  The coupon said buy 4.  So, that cost is $6.67 for 4.

Then when the manager rang up the paper towels my total was $12 some cents + the cost of the bags.  I showed him the ad and he then took the bag prices off.  My guess is since he added to the previous transaction the computer system couldn’t figure out the deal and saw 2 transactions, not 1.  The good news is the manager also took off $0.05 for each bag since I used them.

I then headed to my car with my daughter and my goodies but to find out my car battery was dead.  Oops!  Thankgoodness my husband was at home (only a couple miles away) and could come and jump start me.  What a day!

1Scott Naturals 4 Pack each $3.50
-$1 4/5 SS = $2.50 each

4 Scott Naturals each $1.66 = $6.67

– $1 4/5 SS = $5.67

1 Muir Glen Soup $2.49
-.75 SS 2/8 double = $0.99

3 Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers = $2.00 each = $6.00
-.50 SS 4/5 = $1.00 each = $3.00

Total before coupons = $18.66
+5 bags for .99 each

After 5 bags free and coupons
OOP equals $12.49 + tax!

Not as good as I hoped at all.   I will do the rebate to get the $2 coupon or wait to get more Scott products.

If I had to do over again I would have bought the Scott tissue 4 pack or more of the soup.

Lessons learned!