Graveyard Deals – High End Women’s Sunglasses 10 pairs $27.99

Click HERE!  This deal will probably end really soon, so hurry.  I believe with shipping this will be about $4 a pair.   Not bad.  The sunglasses I got before were definitely drugstore quality but still perfect for me because I lose my sunglasses all over the house, and cars.   Check this deal out!

These aren’t your drugstore sunglasses, these are branded higher end womens glasses found in your better department stores. All 100% UV protection and made with the finest materials.

Here’s what you get (we’ll use the initials of the brands in the pic):

  • 1 pair of either PE or 9W
  • 2 pair of AT
  • 2 pair of JNY
  • 2 pair of Dckrs
  • 3 pair KVZ
  • 100% UV protection
  • 125womsunhigh10Compare At: $399.99Our Price: $27.99