Happy V-Day!

Wishing everyone a wonderful V-day!  I hope you had fun. What did you do on your V-day?

My family went to CiCi’s pizza for dinner.  We stuffed ourselves and had a great time.  We used the B1G1 coupon in the 1/31 inserts so it cost us less than $10 to eat since the little one got in free!

This weekend has been a little crazy.

I had several hours yesterday by myself to get things done and I did 7 loads of laundry and today I did 2 loads.  It wasn’t until last week that I realized being at home for several days doing 2 loads a day I still was so behind on loads to do.  I mentioned in the past how I do laundry but I have to admit that there is a flaw to my madness because I still found many more to do.  Closets do hide laundry, I swear!   It also amazes me how many clothes we own.  My goal is not to buy any more clothes at least for me and hubby for awhile.  I doubt he would believe me.

The other thing is our neighbor asked us yesterday if we had any ice damming and to our surprise we found out last night that we do and it looks to be in multiple places, water is now dripping down our basement window and bedroom window. My dear hubby spent 4+ hours today using the hot water to melt the ice on the roof and the gutters that he could reach.  We are hoping that there isn’t a lot of extensive damage.

In order to make up for this crazy V-day weekend we are going on a date night this coming week/weekend.   I can’t wait!  Love you Hubby!

4 thoughts on “Happy V-Day!

  • We actually went out to dinner and to a play! We don’t usually go out for Valentine’s Day but my Mom was in town to act as a free baby sitter so we went for it! Because of all of the snow nothing was as crazy as it normally would have been.

    We had ice damming too and had to pay to get our roof cleaned off. I’m glad this is only a once every 100 years thing! I hope yours cleared up.
    .-= Lucky´s last blog ..I’m Back! =-.

    • Fantastic, Lucky! That sounds wonderful. I haven’t been to a play in a long time. I haven’t gone out to a movie in a really long time. It’s great to have a babysitter and take advantage of it when you can.

      I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that the ice damming doesn’t get worse. Good idea to have your roof cleaned off. I know it can be expensive but it is well worth it. So, far my hubby thinks it will be ok so we will see.

  • Livia

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