Home Depot Trip from 11/28/2008

Sorry, for not posting this earlier but I’ve been busy with the baby and cleaning up after Thanksgiving. Like I mentioned in earlier posts I had a good time on Black Friday. After my crazy early morning run at Walmart and then my two CVS trips, I headed home. My dear husband and baby were up and waiting for me. After my hubby learned of my good deals he got the itch too and we set out to run some errands. Before we knew it we were at Home Depot.

One of the items that I wish we could have gotten was a 7.5 ft LED light Tree normally $199 down to $45. Those must have sold out at 6AM!

Good deals:

1 -Turbo Knife set 9.97

3 -36 piece Screw driver set 4.97 each

1 -Ryobi 100 PC set 9.97

1 -Dewalt 52 piece pack 9.97

1 -2 PK Flashlight set 4.97

1 -5 PK LED Flashlight set 15.00

1 -Homelite BackPack Leafblower 99.00

4 -LED lights 6.99 each

4 -50 LED Christmas lights 6.99 each

Other items we bought while we were there:

1 -Blitz 1 Gal gas tank for small gas engines (Very handy for all of our yard tools) 6.97

1 -Wood Restore 8.28 (Heard this stuff is great to clean antique furniture.)

1 -Exact Oil 5.99

1 -Radon Test kit 9.98

1 -Shoulder Strap for our older leaf blower 5.20

Tax 12.81

Total 268.94

Part of this is toward Christmas and some of it is yard work, of course! When we got home my husband tried out the backpack and loved it. We have a lot of leaves and anything that can make it easier is wonderful! It was nice to get it at a great price.

Home Depot Trip 11/28/2008
Home Depot Trip 11/28/2008