How to find Toilet Paper Deals?

When my daughter was born, I started to notice prices on diapers and shortly after that I realized I could save a lot using coupons and that began my blog and the rest is history.    I started finding deals and sharing my deals with others.   Even during my pregnancy with twins I worked as hard as I could to keep up with coupons and now that my babies are 5 months old I’m still finding minutes of time in between playing with my kids and doing household obligations to find deals and run to the stores.

However, my stockpile has dwindled and I just realized this week that I’m almost out of toilet paper and paper towels. Scream!

What is this frugal family of 5 going to do?

I’m on a big time budget now since our income has changed so our spending has had to change to.  We still splurge here and there but not as much as we used to.  That is why I want to get back on the coupon wagon full blast.

Here is what I discovered on finding the best deals on toilet paper or paper products.

How to calculate the best deal on toilet paper?

Thanks to DealSeekingMom This is brilliant!  One of Tara’s readers made a great observation on how to calculate quickly the best deal on toilet paper by using the square footage of the package.

Look at the front bottom of the toilet paper package to determine the total square feet. Now insert a decimal point in this number two places to the left. If the cost of the package minus coupons is less than or equal to this figure, it’s a decent deal — basically $0.01 or less per square foot!


TP #1 = 400 sq. ft.; price = $6; stock-up price $4, so not a fabulous deal.
TP #2 = 650 sq. ft.; price = $5; stock-up price $6.50, so definitely a bargain!

Note:  In Northern Virginia/Wash Metro area you might not find deals this good but it is nice to keep an eye out for them too.

How to find the best price on toilet paper?

Thanks to GirlsinWhiteDresses This is a post from January 2011 but it definitely still applies today.   She uses square foot as a price point and says Scott is the cheapest per square.   I bought some this year and will say I will stay away from it forever!  Never again.  I will agree that White Cloud (Walmart brand) and the rest listed like Angel Soft, Cottonelle and Charmin are brands I would purchase and the price points are great.

I will try and aim for $.012 per Square foot.

When to shop for toilet paper?

Thanks to Dailyfinance This is a great video and article explaining similar information above about square footage and mentioning the fact that grocery stores usually put the sales on the 1st and 15th of the month.

So next time we are in Walmart I will check White Cloud (since I have a coupon too) and since Walmart has rollbacked the price.  Otherwise I will be checking the ads comparing the square footage looking for some great stockpiling deals.