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Craft: Update a Stained Shirt with cute Cupcake design!

Here is a great idea for those cute adorable shirts that get grape juice stains. Find someone like me who has an embroidery machine to put an applique on the shirt. Or you can create a simple applique on a shirt and sew around it. I will post a how to in the future.

This design comes from Just Peachy Applique a sponsor of Applique Forum.

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Craft: Cute ABC Zipper Pocket Design

Here is my first In the Hoop (ITH) project!  I’m so excited about this.   I thought I would share this on my blog.  As you may know I love to create crafts, and sew.  Recently, I’ve become re-addicted to my fancy combo sewing and embroidery machine.   Yesterday, I made this cute Zipper Bag from a new design from DigiStitches

This is for Doodle so she can keep track of her flashcards.

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Organization 2012

Organization 2012

My husband and I were talking about goals that we have for ourselves this year.  Our kids are young so just having a good time while they are little is important to us.    This means we need to be better about organization.

Organization is constant with my 3 year old. Don’t forget I have identical twin boys that are starting to crawl.  Babyproofing is never ending!   I’ve learned that if one system doesn’t work right now, there will be another system that does work.  I’m still trying to figure out the right methods to get laundry done but I will find it!   I’ll be talking about that too.

This month I wanted to talk about kids crafts.   I love crafts.  We have everything to do crafts and they are all over the house.  My plan is getting them all organized.  There are crafts that are perfect for my 3 year old to get into on her own while I’m watching the twins.  However, there are crafts she should never get into until she is older.  When I get to those places in our house I will definitely share them with you.

After a wonderful Christmas my daughter got several fun kits of play-doh, markers, and paper.  Since I’ve been staying at home she has used her table, and kitchen table to color and the paper seemed to get placed on the counter, or on top of the fridge.

This weekend after talking about organization, it dawned on me that I have some cabinets that I can re-organize and provide her space for her craft supplies.  She can now get her paper, markers and play-doh and then put it away when she is done!

We didn’t spend a penny on this.  I used some metal cans for her markers  and paints.  Then my husband found this 3 drawer box that he wasn’t using and it fits her coloring books and colored paper.  The tin on top is a old cookie tin that we have used to store her crayons.  The top cabinet holds her play-doh and the red box is an art box that holds the play-doh cutters.  Perfect!

My plan is to work on all of our cabinets one at a time and re-organize each of them.  Not only will I find more space that I know I didn’t have but also find things to donate, and sell.  I’m excited.

What are your organization goals for this year?

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Sign Up for FREE Craftsy Crafting Daily Deals – Love crafting Start saving

Just recently I signed up for FREE the Craftsy Crafting Daily Deals.   I’m so impressed with all of the amazing classes and deals on crafting supplies.  If you are at all interested in learning a new hobby or like to improve on one you already know.  In addition there are some FREE patterns on Craftsy website.  Click HERE to sign up for Craftsy Crafting Daily Deals.

Craftsy is the fastest growing online community for Crafters – with over 500,000 monthly unique visitors, having just launched in May 2011. This rapid growth results from two primary offerings which Craftsy users love:

1) Terrific online classes from amazing instructors for beginning, intermediate and advanced quilters, knitters, crocheters, sewists, jewelry makers, and other crafters.

2) Astonishingly good deals on crafting supplies: organic yarn, lovely fabrics and fat quarters from top designers, high quality needles and more.

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Our Christmas Tree 2011 – Making our own decorations

This year is my first year as a stay-at-home working Mom.  Since my daughter is a bit older and the twins are still infants I thought it would be best to make ornaments for the tree.

We made stars, and snowflakes from paper.  Doodle had a great time cutting out different shapes and we talked about each of them.  We cut out diamonds, triangles,squares and circles.   We hung up some plastic icicles and wooden red garland that I had from our Christmas stash.

For years I’ve wanted to make an Avent Calender that we could use every year.  The chocolate ones are yummy and the germany ones are so sweet but the last couple of years we kept forgetting the days.  Plus Doodle would tear the paper.  Oops!  Instead I wanted to make an Avent calendar with my embroidery machine.   The best part is I found an Avent Calender Pockets embroidery file from Hang to Dry Applique.    Check out how perfect they came out as decorations for the tree.  I’ve been trying to make one or two a day.  The best part is we can use these year after year.  They have a pocket that I can put sweets, or treats in.   Or next year I can give these to someone as a gift or use it for another purpose.

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JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts Sale Friday, 12/9/11- Sunday,12/11/11

I love good deals on fabric and notions.   Lately, I’ve become a big fan of making embroidery appliques for my kids.  Above is a cute turkey applique I made my daughter on a old Gap shirt that she had stained.  She picked out the fabric and thread.

This week I got the JoAnn Fabric and Craft Ad and there is a great sale to check out.

If you are a preferred customer in your ad you will get an extra coupon scratch off for 10%, 15% or 20% off your total purchase including sale and regular price items.  I got 10%.

Combine this with the sales below and you can get some great savings!

Notions wall are 50% off (some exclusions apply)

50% off Interfacing By the Yard – Fusible, sew-in, craft & decor choices

$.99 Fat Quarters & Fabric Quarters

30% off Irons & Steamers

50% off Gingher Sewing & Quilting Cutting Tools

$1.99 8 1/2 paper packs

What are you going to get?

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Chantilly, VA – Sewing Expo – Thursday, 9/29/11- Saturday, 10/1/11

Do you like to sew?  Do you like to create crafts?   Have you heard of the Sewing Expo?

If you haven’t read my posts about this before I wanted to share with you that on Thursday, September 29 – Saturday,  October 1, 2011 is the Chantilly Original Sewing and Quilt Expo located at the Chantilly Expo Center.

I just recently signed up for my classes and I can’t wait to go this year.  Last year I attended the expo feeling bad due to my pregnancy but got a super gift from my hubby a new embroidery machine!  Saving does pay off!  I plan to share some of my creative pieces soon.

If you are interested in attending to see the merchants or to take classes I highly recommend signing up now before September 20, 2011 because that is the deadline for pre-registration.  Click HERE for more information.

Have you attended before?  Will you be attending?  What crafts do you like to do?

I’m just sharing my knowledge and opinions there are no affiliate links in this post.

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Getting things done

This weekend has been a busy weekend.  After buying lots of fabric on Friday and even Saturday!  Yes, I went back and bought more.  I went WAY over my budget, but I have fabric to last me years and years.  Just like everything else I try not to ever buy my fabric at retail prices.  I bought loads of fabric a couple years ago when Hancock fabrics closed several of their stores in the area. That inspired me to work on some of my UFOs = Un-Finished Objects on Sunday.  My husband watched my daughter while I did some of them.  Then we all worked on organizing our office.  Perfect spring cleaning.

Getting Things Done

My goal for this year is to list out all the things that need to get done or I want to get done and then do it!  As mentioned before we have been doing yard work which has been a financial goal.

My husband and I have a lot of personal hobby projects that have been placed on the back burner.  I’ve made a decision to list out all of my UFOs and try to tackle several of them this year the more the better!

Holly’s Un-Finished Objects- Craft related

Not in any particular order. Here we go:

  • Wedding quilt – This is for my Mom.  I created the top before her wedding but still haven’t finished the quilting.  I’m tempted to save up the money and have a professional finish it.  This is a big project.
  • Duvet cover – Since I moved into this house I wanted my bedroom to look a particular way and I decided I wanted a beautiful embroidered red duvet cover but I couldn’t find one that wasn’t “dry clean only”.  So, I came up with my own design and I’ve purchased all of the materials.  I’m super excited to create this.
  • Purse with bamboo handles – This was a project that I bought at the Sewing Expo a couple years ago.  Could become a perfect gift!
  • Black Asian Flower Bag – Not sure if this will be a purse or a shopping bag but I bought this fabric like most of my fabrics at a deep discount.
  • Baby/Toddler Blanket – After the big snow fall this year I got the sewing itch and wanted to create my daughter and husband their very own flannel blankets.  Of course, I didn’t have flannel in my stash (now I do) so I bought several yards of flannel to create them blankets. I successfully finished his blanket which we all love to use while watching T.V.  Now, I need to create hers.  She even helped pick out the fabric.
  • Sister’s quilt – Another project I’m looking forward to jumping into is my sister’s quilt. A couple years ago she went to the store with me and purchased all of the materials so I just need to get in there and start cutting.
  • Wedding Scrapbook – I have my wedding scrapbook that I want to finish.  I have all of the photos organized I just need to cut out paper and glue them down.
  • Flowered Double Quilt – This is technically my first large quilt top that I started in 1997 (i.e. high school)!  I finished the quilt top a year or so ago but haven’t gotten to the point to baste it and quilt it.  I’m tempted to save the money and have a professional quilt it for me.
  • Cowl Neck Olive Green Blouse – I bought some beautiful soft stretchy fabric for this project at less than $1 a yard.  I believe I bought 4 yards and can easily make a blouse with each yard.  Plus, the pattern was under $2.  I pretty much finished this project yesterday.  Woohoo!
  • Sorority/Fraternity Letters – A couple years ago I created several t-shirts with custom letters on them.  I still have a couple left to sell and hope to get back into selling these in the future.  I have one set outstanding and want to try and finish this.  I have a little bit sewing left to do.  Woohoo!

On the back burner:

  • My Wedding quilt – I have a design in mind but I haven’t purchased any materials for this.  Someday I will have this done!
  • Baby Bibs – After creating this pattern for Baby Bibs.  I love making them and I have found so much fabric including a couple yards of pink terry cloth I bought over the weekend.   Perfect Baby gifts.

House Un-Finished Objects

  • Clean the windows – We installed new windows in the last couple years.  They look amazing but they need a good cleaning.  I’m putting this higher on the list because I want to make sure this gets done this spring.
  • Ceiling – Paint a small section of the ceiling in the family room.  Just a touch up.
  • Cube shelving – Paint the cube shelving we have in our basement black.  Similar to the black cabinet.
  • Organize Office – We just received some FREE furniture in our office.  Big thanks to our friends for this!  We are in the process of re-organizing the office so it works for us.  I’m coming up with an organizational plan so that I can get things filed faster and easier. Plus, only the essentials are going into the office.  Nothing extra.
  • Scrapbooking and Photos – My plan has been to create scrapbooks for all of the photos that we have and in some cases I’m thinking I will just scan them and then create electronic scrapbooks.
  • Organize closets – its been a long time since I went through each closet and cleaned each of them out.

I’m sure I will be updating this soon.  It will be fun to see what I finish. I hope I don’t add to many more projects to the list.  What are your UFOs?