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How we are dealing with Mosquitoes this year!


Homemade Mosquito Repellent

Thanks to a friend last year introduced me to this awesome recipe for a Homemade Mosquito Repellent.   I can spray this on my clothes or on my skin and I won’t be bit.    It is amazing stuff.


  • 15 drops lavender oil
  • 3 Tbsp of vanilla extract
  • 10 drops of citronella oil or lemon-eucalyptus oil
  • 1/4 Cup lemon juice
  • Spray bottle


Combine above ingredients in spray bottle. Fill remainder of bottle with water, water/vodka or water/witch hazel mixture.

I used water and vodka and it worked great.   I purchased this Essential set from Amazon it is perfect for this application.

If you would prefer to purchase a good insect repellent I strongly suggest this AVON skin so Soft with picaridin   This has worked very well for me.

Prepare your yard

Fairfax County has information about mosquitoes and how to prevent them in your yard.

I suggest installing bat houses around the yard.  Bats eat a lot of mosquitoes each night.    We have 2 but our bats haven’t used them 100% of the time so we will be adding more this year.

We use a handful of Tiki Torches in the yard and use a citronella oil  that we find does help get the mosquitoes confused and we get less bites.


Teaching kids how to prevent mosquitoes.  Fairfax County has created the Fight the Bite campaign

If you get bitten

If you have a lot of bites and get a strong reaction talk to your doctor about taking Benadryl or other anti-histime.  It will help decrease the reaction immediately.   In addition, if the bites are very swollen they may not be mosquito but chiggers and they too are painful.   Talk to your doctor if you don’t know what the bites are.   I’ve had to do this myself.   You may need a strong cortizone cream.

Don’t scratch!  This is so much easier said then done.  To prevent scratching I strongly suggest using a Lidocaine cream or antithetic so that it will be numb.  There are so many on the market.   I’ve used lidocaine for waxing, and even tooth gel works great.

Per my dermatologist I have to put bandages on them.  It is essential to prevent yourself from scratching and I do scratch even when I don’t realize it.  Oops!   I like the Dollar Tree bandages the best since they are a little less sticky so they will stay as long as I want and then come off when I need them too.

I hope this helps you!   Have a great summer!

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Check this out the next time the power goes out!

Thanks to my wonderful husband, we are fortunate enough to have a generator.   Woohoo!  So when the power goes out we can push a button that will turn on the diesel beast and it will give us power to run the well pump, some lights, TV/DVR, refrigerator, freezer and pellet stove.  The generator has been worth every penny because it has given us piece of mind and comfort.

Last night right before going to bed the power went out.  My hubby and I talked and agreed that it didn’t make sense to run the generator and use the fuel, if we didn’t need to right away.  Our refrigerator and freezer were very cold and we hoped the power would be back on soon.

So as we collected our LED flashlights including our Harbor Freight freebie flashlights and placed them in easy to reach locations my husband pulled out his dollar tree find!  A pack of bracelet glow sticks!   He took attached them to each of the kids door knobs and our banister.   In case, we had to get up in the middle of the night we could see easily the door knob.   It was amazing how much they glowed.   And, it only cost a couple cents.   What a great idea!

In your emergency kit think about getting a pack of glow sticks!

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Dollar Tree: Accepting Coupons starting on 8/26/12

Dollar Tree stores will be accepting manufacture coupons starting on 8/26/12!   I’ve added it to my list of coupon policy pages.

Here are the details:



  1. Only original and intact manufacturers’ coupons will be accepted. Retailer-specific coupons will not be accepted.
  2. Coupons are void if copied, scanned, or if they have been altered in any way.
  3. Only two (2) print-at-home Internet coupons may be redeemed per transaction.
  4. We are unable to accept coupons for “Free” items with no purchase requirements or where the amount for the product is blank.
  5. Coupons can only be used in stores and must be presented at time of purchase. Coupons cannot be redeemed for cash at a later time.
  6. Coupons will not be accepted without the purchase of the item specified and are subject to the terms listed (e.g. expiration date, size, limitations, quantity, etc.).
  7. Coupons cannot be redeemed for more than the purchase price of the item.
  8. Only one (1) manufacturer’s coupon will be accepted per item.
  9. Management has the right to refuse any coupon or otherwise limit quantities.
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Dollar Tree: $1 Finds for Housekeeping and All Made in the USA!

This week I ventured out with all 3 kids to the Dollar Tree, PetSmart and then Aldi for some grocery shopping.  The kids were wonderful!  I was hoping to do everything before lunch time but it was cutting it close.  I had to take a break for snacks and then again on our way home before we did lunch.    Next time, I promise myself we will leave earlier.  I’m a little fearful when the twins start walking because I’m sure they won’t want to stay in the stroller.

I went to Dollar Tree to check out some cleaning, organizational products, and pick up some yard sale supplies.  I was excited to find that they had their version of Oxyclean, a liquid Dishwasher soap and a black cleaning bucket.  The best part was each of these products are $1 (of course) and each of these products are made in the USA!  That is impressive to me and I wanted to share it with others.  I’ve become more and more aware of what and where everything is made lately.

Crystal Gel Automatic Dishwashing Detergent, 32 oz. Reviews on Dollar Tree

I will mention we have hard well water with a water softener and we don’t have a jet dry liquid dispenser on our dishwasher.  Our dishwasher is over 18 years old.  My stockpile on automatic dishwasher soap is very low right now and I haven’t seen great deals on dishwasher liquid or tabs, so this is a great alternative, if needed.  I tried the Dishwasher liquid called Crystal Gel and I will admit it didn’t clean as well as the other brands that I typically use.  I will have to purchase the solid Jet dry to use in our dishwasher when I try it again.  The reviews online are 50/50 on good and bad.  So I suggest give it a try.  I’ve heard the Sun dishwasher powder sold at Dollar Tree is also good but I believe it contains phosphates like most powdered dishwasher soaps.   I’m trying to avoid phosphates but then again they do soften the water and keep things clean.

LA’s Totally Awesome Power Oxygen Base Cleaner, 16 oz. Reviews on Dollar Tree

I just tried the Oxygen Base Cleaner and it worked great. The clothes look as clean as if I used Oxyclean or the Sun version I get at Biglots and for a $1 it is a great bargain.   It is hard to find great deals on Oxyclean.

Utility Pail, 12-qt.Reviews on Dollar Tree

Last but not least my black bucket.  I really like this bucket, I think because it is black.  I love black furniture. Since I’m working on reorganizing my laundry room I’m so excited to get this to have on hand when needed.   Besides you can’t see any stains on it.  Now, one idea that came to me is why not use it as a trashcan in my laundry room and when needed take the bag out?   What do you think?

What great finds have you found at the dollar store lately?

Note:  These are my personal opinions that I wanted to share.  I’m not an affiliate of this store or products.