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Harris Teeter Shopping Trip 1/7/2010

I did it!  I made it to Harris Teeter before I even went to work.  I of course had to work a little bit later to make up the time  but it was worth it.   Some of the items I’ve already eaten!  Which means I didn’t get a picture.  Try to imagine my pretty good run.

1 – Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, 4-in-1  35-ct. $2 each
– $1 Coupon SS 1/3/10 DOUBLED
= FREE (Used 1 coupon)

2 – Sun Crystals 50 packs $1.99
-$1 off Sun Crystals RP 11/1, 1/3

9 – Jello Gelatin $.59 each
– $1.25 buy 3 of select items from store aisle DOUBLED
= FREE (Used 3 coupons)

4 – Special K Cereal Bars 3.8-4.86 oz. (4)x $1.99
– $5 off instantly wyb 4 Special K products
-(2) $1/2 Kellogg’s Special K Bars RP 1/3 DOUBLED
= $1.04 overage  (Used 2 coupons)

1 – McCormick Cinnamon $1.69
1 – McCormick Paprika $1.79
-1.00/2 McCormick Spice or Seasoning RP 1/3
= $.69 and $.79 each (Used 1 coupon)

1 – Uncle Bens Instant Rice $2.29
-$1 off Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice RP 1/3
= $.29 (Used 1 coupon) (Had this for dinner. It was great!)

1 – Organic Valley Cream Cheese $2.58
-$1 off Organic Valley printable
= $.58 (Used 1 coupon)

1 – Organic Valley Milk half gallon $3.99
-$1 off Organic Valley printable
= $1.99 (Used 1 coupon)

1 – Chobani Greek Yogurt $1.45
-$1 off Chobani Yogurt SS 12/13
= FREE (Used 1 coupon) (Had for lunch. Very strange taste. Probably won’t buy again.)

2 – Heluva Good Dip $2.29 each
-$1.00/2 Heluva Dips SS 12/13
= $2.58 for 2 or $1.29 each (Used 1 coupon)

2 – Jimmy Dean Breakfast Dish 2/$6.00
-$1 off 2 Jimmy Dean Breakfast (not sandwiches) found at Harris Teeter coupon stand
= $4 for 2 or $2 each (Used 1 coupon) (Had this for a lunch. Yum!)

I know I saved a lot! I bought a couple other items not listed above.
I can’t figure out how much I “really” saved. Here is the info I have:
Coupons used $17.81
Coupons Tendered $44.99
Total $18.12
(The Jello coupons didn’t double so I got $3.75 back at customer service.)
OOP $14.37

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Harris Teeter Triple Coupon Shopping Trip 10/5/2009

harristeeter_logoHere is my quick stop at Harris Teeter today.  However, it turned eventful.  Here are a couple tips!

1.  Check the signs in the store for the dates of the deals. I mistakenly bought Prego large jars thinking it was B1G1 they were $3.99 after going to customer service they refunded me $3.99 + tax.  Which turned out to be a good deal after all.  I’m not sure if this will happen at all customer service desks, so be aware.

2. Make sure the cashier checks out all of your items. Just as I was talking to the customer service manager about my Prego mistake the gentleman behind me in line appeared at the customer service desk and asked to be refunded for whole wheat pasta, which was mine.  Since the cashier had to push my coupon through of course, I was more than happy to buy the pasta but the manager gave it to me for free.

3. Don’t hesitate to ask customer service. Sometimes I agree a small amount it isn’t worth it to ask but I find that as long as you are nice and smile you will get great customer service no matter which grocery store you go to.

11/1 Inserts

Carnation Evaporated Milk 5 oz – $1.00
Use $.50 off 2 from Red Plum
Final = $.25/ea for 2

Tetley Tea Bags 24 Ice Tea – $1.99
Use $.55 off 1
Final = $.34

10/4 Inserts

Mazola Cooking Spray – $1.49 (BOGO)
Use $.50 off 1 from SmartSource
Final = FREE

Minute Rice – $2.50
Use $.50 off 1 from SmartSource
Final = $1

9/27 Inserts

Swanson Chicken Broth (carton) – $3.15
Use $.50 off 1 from SmartSource
Final = $1.65

Harris Teeter Sugar 5 lb – $.99 (e-Vic member only; limit 1)

Pillsbury Flour $.99  – Check the end of the aisles for this.

Cheez-It Whole Grain – $3.99
Used Online coupon expiring this week from $.75 off 1
Final = $1.74

Progressso Broth $1.64
Used Online coupon expiring this week from $.55 off 1
Final = FREE (Some stores my follow the top of the coupon that says don’t double)

Total = $8.02

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Harris Teeter Triple Coupons 11/4-11/10


Harris Teeter this week  is Tripling Coupons that have a value up to $.99.

Thanks to for the great matchups.  Click HERE for Stephanie’s list.  This is the best list that I’ve seen so far because in the Washington Area we have a lot more $1.00 coupons then other areas and I’ve noticed that other blogs have a lot of coupons that we just don’t get.   Check out FrugalFriends for more information!

In addition, the VIC (Harris Teeter) savings program has a 1 time deal each week.   This week 5 lb sugar for $.99!

Here is Harris Teeter’s Coupon Policy

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Harris Teeter Shopping Trip 9/19 $6.48 saved 88%



Wow!  I went to Harris Teeter again.  I got all of this for $6.48, I saved 88%.  That is $50.21 worth of groceries and I should have gotten the Green Giant catalina for $3, the customer service manager said I could bring my receipt back in with the ad and get it taken off my next purchase.  Great customer service.


3 Betty Crocker Warm Delights – $1.67
Use $.50 off 1 from 9/13 GM, 8/9 GM, and
Final = $.51

5 Green Giant Frozen Vegetables
Use $.50 off 2 from 9/13 SmartSource
Use $.50 off 2 printable
Final = $.99

2 Chex Mix – $1.67
Use $.50 off 1 from
Final = $.34

1 Betty Crocker Frosting – $1.50
Use $.50 off 1 from GM
Final = FREE

1 Betty Crocker Cake Mix – $1 and Frosting – $1.50
Use $.50 off Mix and Frosting from
Final = Both for $1

2 Pillsbury Grands – $1.17 (BOGO)
Use $1 off 2 from
Final = $1.34

Final = $4.18 OOP

$5 comes off instantly, giving you a $.82 overage PLUS you get a $3 off your next order coupon for buying the Green Giant.  Sweet!  Thanks to for this great transaction.

Egglands Best Eggs – $2.99
Use $.55 off 1 from SmartSource 9/13
Final = $.64 $1.34 Oops

Clabbor Girl Baking Soda, $1.99
Use $0.66/1 coupon from (They ask you question.)
Final Cost: $0.01

Kikkoman Teriyaki Sauce $1.77
Use $0.55/1 coupon from 6/28 ss
Final Cost: $0.12

Athenos Hummus B1G1 VIC promotion on my receipt
Final Cost: 2 for $2.69 or $1.34 each

Naan Pita $2.69
-$1.00 on package
Final Cost: $1.69

Total OOP: $6.48

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Harris Teeter Shopping Trip 9/18 $34.80 saved 55%



Today, I went with my daughter to Harris Teeter.   It was a great trip.  Not only did I get this and so much more for only $34.80, the original amount being $78.64, I had the best service at any grocery store in the area!   I really praise the Harris Teeter in Manassas on Galveston Court off of Prince William Parkway.  Thank you!  I will be a returning customer.

I love Triple coupon events!  Harris Teeter does have a tricky coupon policy.  Make sure you read this a couple times so you understand their policy.  Click HERE!

My daughter is now at the stage were she wants to start moving and getting around.  I wasn’t sure how this trip would go.  We got there around 10:00 on a Friday morning and quickly got everything I wanted and out of there by 11:20.  Plus, I had a question about a price and they quickly checked on it for me.

I thank Stephanie from for a wonderful list of items for the Triple-Coupon Event!  Check it out HERE! The best part about this list is Stephanie sorts it by coupon insert date and by type of insert.  All I had to do was grab my inserts by date and quickly cut out the ones I needed!  Thank you Stephanie!


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Harris Teeter Double Coupons 6/24 – 6/30

Yesterday, I went to Harris Teeter for double coupon event! You must go! They are doubling up to $1.98. There are so many great deals this week. A lot of freebies. Here are some awesome blogs that have great match-ups. Check them out.

A couple things to mention about Harris Teeter BEFORE you go!

1. You can only do 20 double coupons per day. Now, I haven’t confirmed that you can do more in another transaction but the cashier might not let you. So, think of a stop at Harris Teeter as a very small shopping trip. Plus, I don’t know if the Vic card keeps track of coupons used. The coupon rules can be looked at HERE scroll down to Harris Teeter. Plus, they usually only let you use 2 internet coupons per transaction or per day depending on the cashier/manager.

2. You can only use 1 coupon for a B1G1. I did notice that a lot of bloggers don’t mention that they are B1G1 so beware when you get to the store that you should only buy 1, if you want to get the low price on 1. Otherwise, you will have to do a separate transaction.

3. Look carefully at the items that are FREE and low price. Do you need them for your stockpile or for an up coming event? If not then don’t buy unless giving it to charity. I highly recommend having a stockpile but don’t go over board. Since you are limited to only 20 double coupons look at your purchases wisely.

4. A couple things to look out for! Look out for coupons on items. This week I noticed that Sara Lee bread (whole wheat white) is $1.99 (now this might be regular price) there is a $.55 coupon that doubles on it so it is $0.89 a loaf. Cheaper than the generic!

6. One last thing to watch out for is the price. I did notice that my Harris Teeter had different prices on items then what others posted so be aware that it might not be the same price. Also, some items might not be ALL varieties on sale for example the Ocean Spray is only a few flavors not ALL flavors.

Happy Shopping!

Remember to get your FREE cookie when you leave! Right at the door next to customer service is a FREE cookie display. One per customer, please.

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