P&Gbrand Everyday Solutions – Get coupons and samples!

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I was looking closely at the P&G brand Saver for this week and discovered that it has some pretty good coupons for our area.  For example the $1.00 off Bounty paper towels are for 1 multi pack or 2 any size and there is a $1.00 off Iams cat food.   Several others are pretty good too. I then did a search for other coupons that are P&G products and came across the P&G Sample and Coupon Everyday Solutions website.  Click HERE to sign up for samples and coupons. If I understand it correctly each month about this time you can login and then select samples and coupons that you would like.  This is great! Let me know what coupons and samples you like or that you found recently.
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Why you should get the Sunday Washington Post 8/16 this week.

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This week you should!  Sunday 8/16 Washington Post has coupons and a lot more. In regards to Red Plum see below the side says Washington RedPlum Direct Mail, so I believe some people will still get it in their mail.  See my earlier post HERE about how to check on your location. Smart Source (which says 73-1 Advertising Supplement to Washington Post 8/16/09) exp 6/30/10 There is even a free sample of Viva Paper Towel in my Smart Source On the cover of my Smart Source there is a coupon for a Free small (10 oz) Hot or (16 oz) Iced Latte from Dunkin Donuts!  (My husband and I have used the free coupons from a couple weeks ago.  Yummy!)  Limit one coupon per customer.  Good at Greater DC Area…
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Why you should buy a Sunday 8/9/09 Washington Post this week.

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I was thinking about the Red Plum coupons and the reason I buy the Washington Post each week.  Currently, I have a subscription and will be canceling it soon since I don't have a weekly discount anymore.  Instead I will go to the store and get the Sunday Double Deal on Sundays.  There will be some Sundays I might not be interested in getting it, like the Holidays don't have coupons.  So, in the long run I will save by only buying the ones that I want.  There are some Sundays that it makes sense to buy more than one or more than two.  I will try and write a post on Saturdays to say if it makes sense to buy the paper or not. This week you should!  Sunday…
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