JCPenny Outlet Shopping Trip Spent $93.07 Saved Over $96.92!

See the Snow?

JCPenny Outlet locations are located HERE.   Here is my shopping spree at JCPenny Outlet today.   I couldn’t help myself!  I guess I can say I am a shop-aholic when it comes to clearance items.  My plan was to spend less than $100 and try for $50.  I was thankful I reached under $100!  I’m impressed.   This was after using the 25% coupon on my entire purchase which by itself saved me $29.69!

I found great items for my daughter’s birthday including educational items.  I got socks that I needed and I got my husband some undershirts and underwear which were the “expensive” items in this trip.  The fun part was finding the ribbon which after all discounts came to $.11 each so I bought 22 of them!  I found an electric stirrer which mine broke at Christmas for only $7.49 after all of the discounts!  Not bad even for a named brand.  I found really nice gloves for myself the same brand I found there a couple years ago I lost one of the pairs.  I treated myself to 2 pairs for only $2.99 each pair!

1 Wallet that will hold my discount cards for $2.24 after discounts  (Normally $9.99)

1 Change purse $1.49 after discounts

2  packs Women’s socks $4.49 each after discounts

4 packs  Women’s socks $3.74 each after discounts

Black bag for travel $5.24  after discounts

size girl 5 outfit $5.24 after discounts

2 Gloves $2.99 each after discounts

3 education games $.74 each

1 Football $1.49 after discounts

22 Ribbon $.11 each after discounts

3 Undershirts $11.24 after discounts

Men’s boxers $4.49  after discounts

Men’s Briefs $4.49 after discounts

10 pack Girl socks $7.49 after discounts

3 pack rulers $.19 after discounts

Dryer Balls $3.74  (Love these and it is nice to use 4 at a time!) after discounts

Check out the receipt!

Total:  $93.07