How to make Liquid Foaming Hand Wash?


I’m a huge fan of Dial complete and other liquid foaming hand wash.  For several years I would buy the refills at Walmart.  Now, I look for good deals everywhere I go.   I’ve tried in the past to make my own but it would come out foaming for a day and then it would stop working.   The best deal I’ve found to buy it at Aldi I believe it is under $2 last time I was there. Then here is the recipe for refilling your container!

1. Find some gel like liquid soap.  I recommend gel form because it needs to dissolve.  The creme version will not dissolve and the pump will not be able to foam it.  You can get the gel form really cheap!  You could even try gel shampoo.

2.  Then right before you have completed the original formula approximately 4 tablespoons left,  I recommend this is the best time to refill it!  If you already finished it that is ok.

3.  Add about 3 to 5 tablespoons of gel liquid soap.

3.  Add hot water to the bottle but don’t fill it all the way.  I suggest leaving a couple inches for room to shake the bottle and fit the pump into the bottle.  Some bottles have a line for refilling.

4.  Shake the bottle so that the gel dissolves.  The soap will foam a lot in the bottle.  Keep shaking until the gel dissolves.

5. Tada!  You have liquid foaming hand wash.  Super cheap!

My daughter LOVES to wash her hands with this soap.  I squirt a small amount on each of her hands and she understands to rub her hands together.