Meal Planning 1/2/2012


It has been years since I wrote up a formal meal plan.  With the twins being born last spring we were in survival mode whatever we could get our hands on for dinner was dinner.   Sometimes it was frozen pizza, left overs, or cereal.     Now that the boys are eating a lot more baby food and table food it is time to get back on the meal planning bandwagon.

Monday: Lunch Shrimp Pasta Dinner: Cowboy Super

Tuesday:  Lunch PB&J Dinner: Shrimp Pasta left overs

Wednesday:  Lunch Tuna Lorenzo Dinner:  Tacos

Thursday: Lunch Pasta Os (from Aldi $.64 a can)  and Black Beans (from Aldi $.64 a can)  Super yummy! Dinner: Cowboy Super left overs – I will be attending my FCMOM meeting.

Friday: Lunch Fastfood? Dinner:  Dinner out – Might be going out for dinner for my Mom’s Birthday so might switch this with Saturday’s dinner

Saturday:  Lunch hotdogs Dinner: Lobster rollfrom  Dining with the Dollar Diva: Divalicious Recipes with Ingredients Costing a Dollar or Less

Sunday: Lunch hotdogs or something simple Dinner: Minestrone Soup with leftover meat from Taco night